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World’s first solar-powered chemical pump

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CheckPoint Pumps and Systems is the world Llader in solution-driven design and manufacturer of metering pumps, control systems, process packages and solar systems for chemical injection. All of CheckPoint pumps and packages are engineered, manufactured, and tested at its world headquarters in Louisiana, US. It has also set up its Middle East base at Jebel Ali, Dubai.
Since its inception in 1993, CheckPoint has expanded its products and operations globally. A wide geographical footprint paired with streamlined operations allows CheckPoint to facilitate the needs of the world’s largest industrial clients while maintaining attentive service qualities offered by smaller companies. CheckPoint is committed to safety, environmental and quality assurance.
“We have introduced the Series FXS Solar Injection System into the market in direct response to the declining oil and gas market,” said Cameron Marland, Managing Director, CheckPoint Pumps and Systems FZE.
“We believe this advanced product answers the call for an environmentally conscious solution without deviation from our decisive quality standards,” he said.
CheckPoint Pumps and Systems, designed for the harsh operational conditions found in petroleum production facilities, serve many applications, including corrosion and hydrate formation inhibitors, biocides, pH control, drag reducer, defoamer, and sodium hypochlorite.
CheckPoint Pumps and Systems announced the introduction of a value-for-money chemical pumping solution for the first time in the Middle East. The new pump is both environmentally friendly and harnesses solar power to reduce emissions.
CheckPoint’s Series FXS Solar Injection System is designed to provide continuous chemical injection and precise flow control without the use of timers. Its Class 1, Division 2 motor ensures a high level of quality and safety, which is met by CheckPoint’s proprietary injection pump. Taking solar insolation factors into consideration, each system is sized to meet customer-specific
application parameters, which extend battery and system longevity. The innovative design effectively eliminates gas emissions and reduces environmentally harmful waste often caused by inefficient battery management.
“CheckPoint’s R&D department has spent considerable amounts of energy to produce what we believe is the most efficient solar injection package today. Despite the industry’s current economic conditions, we have developed a superior product made for the current climate and designed to help sustain the oil and gas industry,” said Marland.
The system’s portable design is highly durable but lightweight for easy assembly. The panel and pump are prewired to simplify installation and reduce setup times. A front-access enclosure houses the system’s battery at a height which provides ground clearance and ensures easy access for field operators. The system-integrated base includes a pump mount and tripod legs, which together ensure a stable structural foundation that can be secured to the ground with the included stakes or bolted to an existing pad.

CheckPoint’s engineering team utilises the application requirements and needs, performs all necessary calculations, and sources all essential components to provide the
optimum solution for the clients system.

CheckPoint’s fabrication shop (CPFAB) designs and fabricates customised stainless steel, carbon steel, and aluminum frames and components used in all of the pump packages. CPFAB is an integral part of the company’s production process and effectively reduces lead time.

Quality control
CheckPoint’s quality system ensures that all aspects of production operate with its framework of excellence in mind. The

inspect and test each component of every product, both individually and as a complete system, to ensure that every product that leaves the headquarters meets the quality standards.

CheckPoint is committed to being its partner for the entire life cycle of the product. In addition to technical support, CheckPoint will provide on-site training, maintenance, and troubleshooting, along with site visits to help develop parameters such as footprint constraints or tubing sizes.

CP Pumps design team generates technical drawings and models of the clients engineered solution from the calculations, required components, and instructions received from the company’s engineering department.

Each CheckPoint pump is manufactured at CheckPoint’s headquarters in Mandeville, Louisiana. The manufacturing process involves full product and package assembly, with components sourced from CPFAB, in-house testing, and shipping.

CheckPoint offers complete technical support and assistance. It will provide you with all documentation, technical assistance, maintenance, and information you require to ensure that the clients system is fully operational and functioning effectively.

CheckPoint has been developing and producing chemical injection pumps, systems, and solutions since 1993. The products and solutions, proven worldwide, are designed, manufactured, and tested to the highest standard.

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Series FXS Solar Back View Left Side copy

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