EPA shares UAE’s publishing experience in Greece


As part of its participation in Sharjah’s Guest of Honour Programme at the 39th Thessaloniki International Book Fair in Greece, the Emirates Publishers Association (EPA) shared the UAE’s distinguished publishing experience with an international audience. During the fair, which began on May 16 and concluded on Sunday, the association highlighted its efforts in advancing the Emirati and Arab publishing sector, as well as fostering
the Emirati-global cultural dialogue, under the visionary leadership of Sheikha Bodour bint Sultan Al Qasimi, Founder and Honorary President of the association. The association has curated a comprehensive programme for its participation in the Sharjah Guest of Honour pavilion at the event. Its objective is to represent Emirati publishers, showcase their publications, foster collaboration with Greek and international publishers at the fair, and strengthen ties with the organisers, exploring opportunities for enhanced cooperation in translation to and from Arabic.
A delegation representing the association at the fair includes Abdullah Al Kaabi, President of the EPA Board and co-founder of Dar Al Ramsa, Amira BinKadra, Vice President of the EPA Board and co-founder of Ghaf Publishing House, Fatima Al Khatib, member of the EPA Board and founder of Sidra Publishing House, and Khalid Al-Ali, founder of Bawabat Al Kitab Publishing.
Al Kaabi emphasised the significance of Sharjah’s role as the first Arab Guest of Honour at the fair, representing a gateway to celebrate Emirati and Arab culture while promoting dialogue between cultures on a global scale. He noted, “Greece’s recognition of Sharjah’s contributions to Arab and human culture reflects the enduring relationship between Sharjah’s cultural institutions and their Greek counterparts. This presents an opportunity to strengthen joint efforts in the cultural sphere, preserving our achievements and promoting literature, arts, and creativity as catalysts for impactful dialogue.”
He pointed out that the association’s participation in the fair constitutes an opportunity to promote Emirati titles, build international cultural relations, and discuss ways of cooperation between the two countries in the literary field.
Rashid Al Kous, Executive Director of the EPA, highlighted Sharjah’s participation as the first Arab Guest of Honour at the fair as a milestone in enhancing cultural ties between the UAE and Greece, underscoring the country’s rich cultural landscape. He affirmed the association’s commitment to introducing Greek and international publishers to the Emirati publishing market, fostering collaboration, and contributing to the growth of the book industry in the UAE.
The association’s agenda included dialogue sessions highlighting the Emirati publishing experience. Key sessions included “Bridging Cultures through Publishing: Greek and Emirati perspectives,” which featured Abdullah Al Kaabi and Amira Bin Kadra, alongside Greek publisher Argiris Kastaniotis from Kastaniotis Publishing. The participants discussed the pivotal role of the publishing industry in fostering cultural exchanges between Greece and the UAE. They also addressed the challenges and collaborative efforts required to promote intercultural dialogue through literature.
Another session, featuring Ameera BinKadra and Khalid Al Ali, in conjunction with Greek publishers from Entypois Publications, Papadimas Publications, and Nikas Publications, focused on publishing’s vital role in preserving historical and cultural content. Additionally, they discussed its impact on educational resources and information dissemination.
The EPA hosted sessions for buying and selling publishing and translation rights, facilitating collaboration between Emirati and international publishers, and expanding the presence of Arabic literature on the global stage.

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