Turkey should expect Kurdish ‘vengeance’: PKK

London / AFP

Kurdish rebel leader Cemil Bayik warned Turkey to expect payback for the deadly clashes that have raged following the collapse of a fragile truce, in an interview published in Britain’s Times daily on Tuesday.
Bayik, one of the leaders of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), said to expect fighting “everywhere” and insisted its guerillas were justified in taking any course of action.
“The Turks looted and burnt everything they could in the Kurdish cities on which curfews were imposed,” the 65-year-old in an interview The Times said took place a few days ago in the Qandil Mountains.
“So now our people are full of feelings of vengeance, calling on our guerrillas to avenge them. This is a new era of the people’s struggle.”
The shaky truce between Turkey and Kurdish autonomists collapsed last July, and hundreds of people have since lost their lives.

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