Protein sans carbohydrate diet bad for health


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Health professionals from the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) discussed the importance of sports nutrition and rehabilitation during the DHA’s bi-weekly smart clinic. They discussed the common health fads and some of their ill-effects on health.
Nisreen Abu Ghoush, clinical dietician at Rashid Hospital, said: “The first thing I would like to highlight is that an all protein and no carbohydrate diet is particularly bad for health so people should be wise and opt for goof carbohydrates and not refined ones. Secondly, consuming excessive protein shakes, without the consultation of a dietician, can lead to excessive consumption of protein, which can affect the kidneys over a period of time.”
Dr Abdulhammed Al Attar, consultant sports medicine at Rashid Hospital added that the other common trend is for people to consume all kinds of energy drinks pre and post workout. “Energy drinks should be avoided at all costs, they are high in caffeine and high in sugar which is particularly bad for children and teenagers as it can lead to tooth decay. Ideally, within 15 minutes of a workout, people need to replenish their bodies. For fluid replacement, water is the best option.
For protein and carbohydrate replacement, those who are not allergic to milk, should opt for plain milk, especially camel milk. In fact, latest studies indicate that chocolate milk is the perfect post-workout drink, so instead of giving children juices and other sugary drinks, they is a good option for parents to consider. Compared to plain milk, water, or most sports drinks, it has double the carbohydrate and protein content and is a great option for replenishing tired muscles. An added benefit is that it is rich in calcium.”
Al Attar also added that some of the most common reasons for sports injuries is not warming up or stretching enough before you play or exercise, incorrect use of gym equipment and bad technique. “A golden rule is to never miss your warm ups and always increase the intensity of the exercise only once you have mastered the correct form and posture. Additionally, add some muscle strengthening workouts should be performed in addition to other forms of exercise.”

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