Jaheziya appoints Dar Al Handasah on its project


Jaheziya, a Tawazun subsidiary, on Saturday appointed Dar Al-Handasah Shair and Partners as the Lead Design and Engineering Consultant on their Tawazun Safety Security and Disaster Management City (Jaheziya).
The contract was officially awarded on Saturday, in presence of Ali Mohamed Musleh Al Ahbabi, the Chairman of Jaheziya.
Ali Al Ahbabi in an announcement said, “Our nation is growing at a fast pace and the geo-political developments in the region are strengthening our resolve to locally provide the training facilities at Jaheziya on time by Q4 of 2018. The project is in line with our government’s vision to enhance the nation’s capability to protect its people and assets. Our vision is to provide a sustainable, integrated and internationally recognized centre of excellence through training for emergency, crisis and disaster management while providing the flexibility to meet future training needs.”
“We are ensuring that the training requirements of our major prospective clients are being successfully incorporated into this world class facility from the design stage itself,” said Jamal Al Shamsi, Jaheziya Managing Director, adding that workshops to gather these requirements to cater for the foreseeable future have been conducted with the clients.
Faiz Al Nahddy, CEO of Tawazun Industrial Park stated, “The project is on schedule and the planning and design work has been progressing in collaboration with Jaheziya’s stakeholders. We are committed to meeting the target launch dates.”
Tawazun Industrial Park is managing the Project Management Office of this vast project.
Tawazun Industrial Park CEO also detailed the current status of the project and informed that the Jaheziya project team is currently evaluating bids received from a number of International Prop specialists for provision of several props for the training facilities. Design work will continue through to the end of 2016 and the tender for the main construction works is expected to be released by early 2017. Tawazun Safety Security and Disaster Management City (Jaheziya) is targeted to be operational by Q4 of 2018.
Jaheziya will cover an area of approximately 1 million square metres and is designed to re-enact and recreate past incidents and perceived future threats so that professionals in the fields of safety, security, emergency preparedness crisis and disaster management from various agencies can cooperate, communicate and interact with their counterparts while performing the operations and training in realistic settings. The facilities will be supported by accommodation, services amenities and classroom facilities set in a community environment.

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