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Indian restaurant with a colonial feel

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Sunaina Rana/ Emirates Business

Owned by a new management, the all new Mahec Restaurant at the Le Meridian Village, Garhoud is a fine dining restaurant and lounge featuring modern
interiors and a brand new menu.
Stylishly designed, the restaurant has 180 seating capacity — including indoor and a patio. The interiors of the restaurant exhibit a modern colonial style with wooden floors/furnishing and chandeliers. The restaurant aims to cater to an array of dining preferences. Mahec is divided into three sections — dining area, well stocked lounge and terrace for shisha lovers.
The restaurant and lounge also offers an in-house DJ who plays fusion urban/classic Indian music to allay the mood. With business and entertainment acumen of the new
owners — every element of the restaurant has been crafted in a very special way to ensure that every customer has the best dining experience. Emirates Business talks to Rohit Khagram, owner of Mahec and Managing Director of RDK International, regarding his new initiative.

There are a number of popular
Indian restaurants in the market, what makes Mahec different?
Dubai is one of the most unique cosmopolitan markets in the world making it extremely lucrative for new concepts to be launched and tested before introducing them to the global market. When it comes to food, I truly feel that Dubai has something to offer to all classes. Indian cuisine is the most popular cuisine in the Middle East and what we have tried to offer to our clientele is authentic regional Indian food.
We blend our spice mixes in house; all our recipes are standardised by following these golden rules. Our team at Mahec makes sure that they do not deviate from the committed quality which is our UPS.
Our location and warm hospitable service staff is a major contributor for making us different to rest of the Indian Restaurants

What made you opt for an India-themed restaurant?
Being an Indian, I am very proud of my heritage and I love Indian authentic food. Therefore, Dubai being a multi-cultural city, I felt there is no place else that would give me an opportunity to promote my cuisine on a global platform.

The interiors of the restaurant are very distinct, contemporary yet vintage. Can you share your views about the inspiration?
MAHEC has recently been refurbished. We have tried to reflect a feel of modern India in our decor without divulging away from the authentic cuisine that we have always served.
Peacock is the national bird of India; colors used in the restaurant are vibrant peacock blue and green.
Our logo too is a representation of ‘Namaste’ which is a traditional way of greeting people welcoming them with folded hands.
Every aspect of the restaurant has been thought through keeping in mind the comfort of our customers.

What is the vision behind Mahec?
Mahec is home away from home for our customers. This is the vision I have always worked with.

Can you name Mahec’s signature cuisines?
Makhmeli Murg Tikka, Sprout Tikki, Shanshay kofta, Lamb Parda Biryani and Bombay Pudding are some of our signature dishes.

What kind of consumers are you
targeting? Have you faced any
At Mahec we have little something for everyone. Our Friday brunch is extremely popular with families, we offer a fantastic thali for lunch which makes us the preferred choice for business lunches, and our menu attracts a lot of food connoisseurs. Latest add on is the shisha lounge which is a great place for youngsters to hang out in the evenings. We have been very fortunate in terms of our staff. Every business has its own set of challenges. I have a fantastic team who is extremely efficient and effective in managing multiple aspects of the business.

Any expansion plans?
Yes, we would love to expand. I
foresee a potential growth within the

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