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Encouraging the art of reading

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Student visitors at the 26th Abu Dhabi International Book Fair (ADIBF) made a major footfall.
Various exhibitors at the event provided backpack containing essential publications as part of its initiatives to encourage reading and boost the fair’s role as an international platform to strengthen cultural dialogue in the community.
Considering the importance of reading, one of the exhibitors, Alyazia Khalifa, Founder and Director, ALFULK Translation and Publishing, said, “I translate books from around the world into Arabic. I have translated books from Italy, Britain, Iceland, etc..”
She added, “The author whose books I enjoy translating is of Chris Riddell. He has some amazing pieces of illustrations in his books, which makes them even more appealing for children. I want the illustrators in our region to recognize his work and explore more than Japanese mongo.”
Talking about illustrations an artist at the Illustrative pavilion shared her journey into the creative field. Asama Al Remeithi, a freelance artist from the Emirates said, “Art has always been an integral part of my existence. Post completion of my studies I started focusing more on my art. Initially I worked with a government organization as a graphic designer. However, I further decided to concentrate on my art. Presently I have a few ideas that I am working on, mostly related to comics. ”
She further added, “I am also doing some art work with my friends, in addition to some products and merchandise for children.”
Khalifa, further elaborated on encouraging reading among children, “My publishing house produces books for reader from 0-4 years upto 7 +. I believe that if we want our child to develop a base for reading habit it should be initiated from 0-4.”
She added, “For instance when a mother reads to a child, it helps the two form a closer bond. Subconsciously the child receives a message that the book is somewhere linked with emotions. As it has been witnessed that generally children relate books with school, so this is very important to break that conception and help them develop a habit of reading.”
On the other hand, Al Remeithi spoke about the scarce awareness of cartoon illustration among the population, “The most important thing about this form of art is audience. Very few people are aware of the art form and know what we are doing. Though social media is playing an integral part in promoting the art and people relate to us through that medium.”
“The response at Book Fair is always overwhelming. Even though the people are not much aware of our art, but they are curious and show interest, and my most favourite part of the show is interaction with the kids,” she said.

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