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DFM, Nasdaq Dubai Trading Game turnover hits AED 5.4bn

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The 14th annual Dubai Financial Market (DFM) and Nasdaq Dubai Trading Game, aimed at sharpening the skills of university and school students in the UAE and abroad, ended with total traded value of AED 5.4 billion from 16,802 transactions, with the top 13 participants achieving average profits of 35.6 percent. For the first time, the game included equity futures notionally traded on Nasdaq Dubai, as well as shares listed on the two exchanges.
The winners of the 10-day competition received prizes to honour their success at a ceremony attended by Jamal Al Khadhar, Executive Vice President, Head of Strategic Planning and Human Resources Division, DFM, and Unmesh Kantak, Senior Vice President, Head of Market Operations and Risk at Nasdaq Dubai, as well as representatives of the educational institutions involved.
The competition reflected the exchanges’ commitment to increasing financial understanding and upgrading the skills of the younger generation, as well as helping students put capital markets theory into practice. This year’s game
attracted 2,362 students from 26
educational institutions.
Students taking part said the competition helped them understand how to trade in real life and deepened their knowledge of the financial markets. Each competitor began with a notional AED1mn and used it to trade during the real trading hours of the exchanges, with real equity prices being displayed.
Hamed Ali, Chief Executive Officer of Nasdaq Dubai, said, “Many students showed an impressive understanding of how to successfully use leverage in trading equity futures to magnify their gains and hedge their positions. We look forward to engaging further with the student community as we prepare to open a real equity futures market, to learn from the insights of up and coming investors and increase awareness of sophisticated trading tools.”

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