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Science comes alive at ‘Innovation Exhibition’

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Alkesh Sharma / Emirates Business

Tiny sensors keeping an incisive tab on your fitness regime, intelligent devices assisting visually impaired to navigate freely without any external support, high-tech models to crack future parking snags and wearable technologies finishing daily chores in a much cooler manner — ‘Innovation Exhibition 2016’ of Khalifa University, in Abu Dhabi, certainly paints a picture-perfect image of any self-sufficient smart community.
Innovation Exhibition, which was held at the university campus here on Sunday, brought together the senior design projects that Khalifa University students have innovated and developed in the recent past.
“Safe exercising is very important and many times individuals could not judge what duration and intensity of exercise is suitable for them. Gauging a huge scope for technological facilitation, we have developed a machinery by using smart sensors to do a live monitoring of the daily exercise regime,” one of the researchers, associated with Biomedical Engineering department of the varsity, told
Emirates Business.
He added, “Our device is capable of giving an accurate feedback about an individual’s health state, covering various aspects like pulse rate, while he is exercising. We are working upon improving the technology further by adding more features to it.”
Researchers and students of various streams of engineering had demonstrated their cutting-edge innovations during the exhibition. Besides showcasing their inventions, students also gave the live demonstrations before the audiences.
Notably, all corners of the exhibition attracted inquisitive visitors bubbling with interesting queries regarding the research projects. Some of the displayed projects included self-cleaning solar panel system, space communication, wearable technology, underwater robotics systems and rehabilitation through assistive cable-driven technology.
“We have developed a reliable project that would allow a visually impaired individual to move while easily avoiding hindrances on his path. Khalifa University has given us a very good platform to contemplate upon our ideas and turn them into an innovative reality. Feedback of the teachers and visitors is very encouraging and we consider this as our firm entry into the world of science and technology,” one of the exhibitors told Emirates Business.
“Our idea was to amalgamate technology with some daily need of society. It gives us a great satisfaction that we are endeavouring to serve mankind through our invention. We will certainly do rigorous research work to make our technology more feasible and acceptable,” intervened another researcher, handling the counter that displayed technology to help visually impaired.
Students and faculty at Khalifa University have access to leading-edge research equipment and laboratories. They are actively exploring various fields of engineering including aerospace, mechanical, nuclear, biomedical, robotics and electronics and communications. Over the years, Khalifa University has identified priority research areas that intersect departments, institutes and centers, as well as the work of individual faculty, to address some of the society’s most pressing needs.

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