DHA’s dental department expands network of specialised services

Dubai / WAM

The Dubai Health Authority’s (DHA’s) dental department has expanded its network of specialised services, said a top health official.
Dr Hamda Sultan Al Mesmar Director of Dental Services Department at DHA’s Primary Healthcare Sector, said: “In 2015, we extended our implantology services to Nad Al Hamar and Al Mizhar PHC and in 2016 we will introduce this service in Al Barsha PHC. Previously this service was available only in Al Badaa PHC. Our aim is to ensure that we provide specialised dental services across four hospitals and 13 PHC’s which are located across different geographical areas of the Emirate. This will help provide specialised care which is easily accessible and convenient for residents in Dubai.”
Al Mesmar said that in 2015 the dental department at the DHA treated 184,554 patients. “Year-on-year we see a steady increase in the number of patients we receive and that is why we are keen to provide them with high-quality specialised care. In fact in 2015, we added 11 additional weekly general dentistry 15 speciality clinics.”
Al Mesmar added that the department eliminated the appointment system for general dentistry and hygienist services and thus these services require no waiting time. For specialised services, we have the appointment system and we have seen a drop in the waiting time.”
Al Mesmar said in 2015, the department carried out 36 mobile dental campaigns across schools and community areas and provided free screening to more than 3,415 people.

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