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Our Correspondent / Emirates Business

Eventissime By Julia, a brand new concept in organising VVIP luxury private events and the brainchild of Julia Baudin has enteredDubai.
Julia is a well-known expert in events management with 25 years of experience in promoting France’s image globally and in managing luxury brands in France, USA & Hawaii, French West Indies, St Barthelemy amongst others. Her extensive experience in creating one-of-a-kind events and the growing appetite of Middle Eastern clients for luxury experiences has inspired her to create EventissimeBy Julia, the new VVIP private event organizer whose brand promise is “Exception is a Privilege”.
Julia Baudin, founder, Eventissime By Julia confirmed, “Eventissime By Julia offers exceptional venues selection and out of this world
experiences in Paris, France for the privileged few. Elite venues such as MaisonGuerlain, Vaux le Vicomte, and Studio Harcourt to name a few will be fully privatized for
VVIP Guests.Only the latest and grandest in the City of Love.”
Julia has partnered with luxury French brands to bring these
extraordinary moments to life. Amongst these are three partners, detailed below, who each have a distinctive flair in making personal
celebrations memorable, wishes granted in style and tailored
to the individual’s tastes and

in The Heart of Beauty
MaisonGuerlain, 68 Champs Elysées, Paris, is a must-visit destination where the French Art of refined living and arts in every form flourish. EventissimeBy Julia has built a synergy with MaisonGuerlain, 68 Champs Elysées, Paris to provide guests their very own bespoke perfume.
They will be the holder for life of the recipe of this unique fragrance. “Taking all the measures of the facets of your personality to guess in your most secret expectations and to open the doors of a universe of sensations which answers the most intimate of your feelings. These “bespoke fragrances” and “private collection” perfumes are custom creations made to reflect the individuality of each
commissioning client,” said Julia.

Portrait of A Star
Since 1934, Studio Harcourt is a myth. It is portrayed in the most glamorous way, hundreds of celebrities in films, literature, art and fashion. Eventissime by Julia has a close collaboration with Studio Harcourt, to offer its VVIP guests exceptional photos that bring out their natural glow and their unique personality.
Renowned for its radiant black and white, timeless, portraits,creation of the marriage between mystery and legend, Studio Harcourt combines intimacy, discretion and magic in a timeless and unique place.
A Jewel For A Royal Stay
Vaux le Vicomte is the castle which turned the King Louis XIV extremely jealous. He sent in jail its owner, Nicolas Fouquet, his ministry of finances. Built amidst 1200 acres of gardens “à la Française” and forests, Vaux le Vicomte, inspiration for Versailles, was created by Le Vau, architect, Le Notre, gardener andLe Brun, painter.
Julia can organize family anniversaries, a romantic date for two, or a private wedding in the gorgeous
gardens of the castle tailored to
personal requirements.
Luxury partners of the Eventissime by Julia launching are MaisonGuerlain, 68 Champs Elysées, Parisand Petrossian.Julie & Romeo Wedding Paris & Dubai has created the ultimate design and ambience of the event.

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