ViP technology to make gas stations more safe and swift in Emirates

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Sunaina Rana / Emirates Business

As the Emirates is heading to the new high-tech world with smart cities, smart homes and now new ViP (Vehicle Identification Pass) technology gas stations.
The new innovative technology comes with secured electronic chip that will be placed on top of the fuel tank gasket of the vehicle. After the chip is installed and activated, customers only have to visit the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) service stations to fill their vehicles with fuel. The RFID system will simultaneously log in the details of the purchase at a secured database.
“ViP is a fuel management and payment system that allows customers to refuel their cars at ENOC/EPPCO stations without the use of credit card or cash,” said Burhan Al Hashemi, Managing Director, ENOC Retail.
Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC) recently announced its first ViP (Vehicle Identification Pass) gas station contributing to make the customer experience more tranquil, safe and swift.
The system is based on the RFID technology, which uses frequencies to transfer data from each ViP registered vehicle to a backend system that calculates all parameters associated with the customer account. This allows users to refuel according to a pre-set budget and fuel type allocated for the vehicle, speeding up the refuelling process and enabling customers to better manage their accounts.
“The system essentially consists of a securely encoded electronic security tag mounted on the fuel inlet of the vehicle to help identify and authorize the vehicle. This is a completely automated and paperless system. When operational, customers will no longer need cash, fuel cards, or invoices while refuelling,” added Al Hashemi.
The oil company has been constantly promoting the new technologies and the smart city initiative, following which the ENOC will also be launching the ‘ENOCPay’ mobile app. ENOCPay will accumulatively manage all current and future payment into a single interface, the app is most likely to be launched in Q4 2016.
Aiming to enhance customer experience ‘ENOCPay’ offers a variety of cashless and cardless solutions that will include the ViP system for corporate customers, which was launched in 2014, and ENOC’s mobile payment services through its partnership with Beam Wallet, the leading mobile wallet app in the UAE, as well as the UAE Ministry of Finance’s e-Dirham
mobile application.

VIP Benefits
By Installing the ViP chip, the consumer will be able to access numerous benefits which includes access to the full information – ViP has an advanced RFID technology that can track each and every transaction in real- time. Essentially, ViP unique tool to plan budgets, as all information related to fuel usage becomes available at a click of a button. Convenient – ViP eliminates the need for invoices or fuel billing procedures, allowing customers a convenient, quick alternative method of payment. Lastly, it is reliable – ViP eliminates all possibilities of fraud or unauthorised fuelling. Additionally, any form of tampering with the ViP technology will result in automatic deactivation.
Further talking about the security features Al Hashemi said, “The VIP technology is absolutely safe to use as it uses the universal Radio Frequencies which is one of the safest ways of using technology.”
“The system is very safe and complies with high standards of security and is based on encryption. Thanks to the customer created secure Personal Identification Number, only the customer will have access to their profile and ViP
balance information,” he concluded.

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