Vice President of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay Visits The Sustainable City

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The Sustainable City received the Vice President of Uruguay, H.E. Raúl Fernando Sendic Rodríguez recently, the region’s first fully sustainable community hosted a big commercial delegation that included, H.E. Dr. Nelson Yemil Chaben Ambassador of Uruguay to the UAE, Mr. Daniel Fernández, Vice-president ´s Chief of Staff, Mr. Carlos Fagetti, General Director of the Ministry of Tourism, Ambassador Ricardo Nario, General Director of International Economic Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Uruguay, Lic. Bárbara El Dbeissy, Chancellery Officer at the Uruguay Embassy in U.A.E, Ec. Alvaro Brunini Investment Promotion Manager of Uruguay XXI and other senior delegates representing more than 30 commercial entities.

The Vice President of Uruguay lauded the accomplishments of The Sustainable City stating the incredible challenge and the courage that this target demands.

H.E. Raúl Sendic at the same time put particular emphasis on Faris Saeed’s leadership and his prestigious team, whom all together are leading to achieve this masterpiece called “The Sustainable City”, showing the right way to combine development, respect to the environment and welfare. “On behalf of my country I would like to express my admiration and gratitude for your invitation and for this opportunity to visit this delightful place.”

The visit saw a brief introduction given by Diamond Developers about The Sustainable City followed by a guided tour around the development which is constructed around the three pillars of sustainability: social, environmental and economic. The five million square foot project is conceived to be a world-class example of what can be achieved through a commitment to sustainability and features a variety of initiatives to both conserve resources, save money and look forward to better life conditions for the people.

Chief Executive Officer of Diamond Developers, Faris Saeed said: ” We were honored and delighted to receive H.E. Raúl Sendic and the accompanying official and commercial delegation in The Sustainable City, as the occasion gave us the chance to showcase our integrated sustainable community which is the first NET zero development in the region.”

He continued, “Uruguay is one clear cut example of real commitment to environmental protection and reducing carbon footprint by providing last year up to 95% of its electricity from clean sources of energy, particularly renewable energies. The Uruguay government has created policies and carried out actions, in line with their motto ‘Uruguay Natural’, which demonstrates that sustainable development is possible without damaging the environment.

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