UAE MoE hosts WTO Trade Policy Review delegation

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The UAE Ministry of Economy is currently holding a series of meetings with a visiting delegation from the World Trade Organisation’s Trade Policy Review Unit.
The meetings form part of the preparatory process for WTO’s third review of the UAE’s trade policy that will take place at the Geneva headquarters from June 1 – 3, 2016.
The Geneva meeting will be attended by all member countries of the WTO and include a delegation from the UAE headed by Sultan bin Saeed Al Mansouri, Minister of Economy.
Ahead of the review process, the Ministry of Economy’s Foreign Trade Sector, in cooperation with all related entities in the UAE, has compiled a draft report outlining the trade procedures and practices followed in the country. This draft report reiterates the UAE’s sustained efforts to implement a trade policy that complies with the nation’s regional and international commitments, and complements the UAE government’s vision in building a diverse economy and achieving unique international status.
Based on the statistics and related information provided to the WTO delegation during its visit to the UAE and subsequent meetings with different entities, the WTO Secretariat will also put together a detailed report for its part.
The reports of the Ministry of Economy and the WTO will be presented to member countries of the World Trade Organisation in Geneva during the June review meeting.
Juma Mohammed Al Kait, UAE Assistant Under-Secretary for Foreign Trade at the Ministry of Economy, said, “The Ministry’s team commenced preparations for this review in mid- 2015 in cooperation with the WTO Secretariat and all related public sector entities in the country.”
The UAE prioritises the content of the 2016 review report and provides comprehensive information on the economic environment, including the investment, financial and trade system. The report also highlights regional trade agreements, customs procedures, and processes related to import and export, specifications, measurements, competition, and pricing.
“Furthermore, the report offers key insights on intellectual property policies, patents, trademarks, government procurements, and topics related to agriculture, fishing, flora and fauna. As part of the procedural requirements, it outlines the working of all industrial and service sectors and includes interesting statistics and data that substantiate the information.”

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