UAE Floating Hospital in Al Arish holds entertainment events for Children in Gaza


The staff of the UAE Floating Hospital in the Egyptian city of Al Arish, as part of Operation Chivalrous Knight 3, arranged a recreational day for the children of Gaza.
The initiative aimed to alleviate the impacts of the war on them and served as a form of psychological and rehabilitative therapy.
Mona Talib Ahmed, a nurse at the hospital, said, “We organised several activities for the children to alleviate their psychological and physical suffering. These activities included drawing, Henna, and Holy Qur’an competitions, noting that such activities help in easing their distress.”
She also pointed out that the hospital staff organises weekly events to entertain the children, and they also take them outside the hospital for relaxation.
The children interacted with these recreational activities and expressed their gratitude and appreciation to the hospital staff through their drawings, acknowledging their significant efforts in mitigating the effects of the war on them.

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