‘TRENDS’ study on generative AI highlights potential of technology


TRENDS Research and Advisory has released a new research study titled “The Rise of Generative AI,” highlighting the immense potential of this innovative technology to revolutionise various fields of creativity and multimedia content.
The study provides a comprehensive overview of the concept of generative AI. It discusses its diverse text, audio, image, and video applications.
The study indicates that generative AI can create new textual content like news articles, marketing posts, and poems. It can compose music, design sound effects, generate voice-overs in different languages and tones, and produce high-resolution images indistinguishable from real photographs.
Additionally, it can design paintings and illustrations and create short video clips based on textual descriptions or existing video footage. Furthermore, it can generate traditional 2D animations and complex 3D animations.
The study acknowledges that despite its vast potential, generative AI faces challenges such as bias, lack of transparency, and dependence on data.

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