TRA conducts ‘Cyber Blackmail’ awareness lecture

The General Authority for Regulating the Telecommunication Sector (TRA) conducted a ‘Cyber Blackmail’ awareness lecture in collaboration with the ‘Al Ameen Service’ launched by Dubai police. Khalil Al Ali, Senior Official from Al Ameen Services, and Ghaith Al Mazaina, UAE TRA Security Quality Services Manager, participated in the lecture.
The lecture’s agenda encompassed a number of significant topics that have been highlighted with the aim of raising attendees’ awareness of the various methods that cyber criminals use to exploit their victims physically and financially. Speakers stressed on the importance of cyber blackmail prevention and taking all measures and precautions when using modern technology. They also explained to attendees how to use social media ideally to avoid the occurrence of any cases that may have serious consequences on the privacy and confidentiality of their
personal data.
In this context, HE Hamad Obaid Al Mansoori, UAE TRA Director General, stated, “Our efforts to fight cyber blackmail are stemmed from our social responsibility and our keenness on protecting individuals of various age groups from opportunities and predators who are driven by their perverted instincts.”
“Organising this workshop comes under the umbrella of the campaign and in line with the technological advancement that our country is witnessing, as the growing use of various communication channels makes people more prone to cyber blackmail. Criminals exploit the increasing use of these channels by various age groups in UAE in making money in an illegal way. We launched the cyber blackmail awareness campaign earlier this year in collaboration with our partners with the aim of raising awareness of the blackmail’s risks,” HE Al Mansoori added.
The project is divided into 2 phases; the phase I is about prevention and it focuses on explaining ways that internet users can use for protection while phase II will focus on ways to handle data leakage.”

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