Startups to be recognized and awarded for Innovation and Sustainability


Startups from around the world that drive innovation in sustainability and bring positive change in the world will be recognized and celebrated through the VerdExim Sustainability Awards in Dubai on Feb 26.
The VerdExim Sustainability Awards, instituted by Exim Finance, a Dubai-based finance facilitation company, will be presented at a glittering ceremony in Intercontinental Hotel, Dubai, on February 26, in the presence of numerous distinguished VIPs and Ambassadors representing a multitude of nations.
The VerdExim Sustainability Award stands as a global platform, acknowledging and celebrating startups that actively contribute to positive change and sustainability.
The Award is designed to ignite inspiration, provide steadfast support, and magnify the endeavors of startups dedicated to shaping a more sustainable future. We aim to applaud and celebrate those pioneering startups that stand at the forefront of the sustainability movement, recognizing their impact contributions and commitment to creating positive change.

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