Sophos acquires SurfRight to strengthen next-gen endpoint

Sophos, a global leader in network and endpoint security, has announced the acquisition of SurfRight, an innovator in signature-less next-generation endpoint threat detection and response (ETDR) and advanced threat prevention. Sophos has a good client-base, involving companies of various sizes, in UAE and is looking forward to offer enhanced services through this new development.
“SurfRight is a growing, profitable business with an established customer base and proven security capabilities. The team has engineered powerful, innovative next generation endpoint technologies that provide multiple advanced protection and mitigation elements, and yet are simple to use,” said Kris Hagerman, CEO at Sophos.
Based in Hengelo, the Netherlands, SurfRight has developed a portfolio of technologies that prevent, detect and remediate zero-day and sophisticated attacks by interrupting malware and advanced persistent threat (APT) vectors. SurfRight’s real time anti-exploit technology focuses on detecting and preventing the memory manipulations and abuses that allow malicious code to run in the first place. Generic prevention of exploits at this early stage in the attack chain is a key enhancement to endpoint security mechanisms and can help thwart malicious code in the processor and memory. The portfolio also includes anti-espionage technology and enhanced protection against ransom ware attacks.
Sophos is recognised as a leader in endpoint protection today, with a growing set of next-generation technologies such as behavior-based analytics, malicious traffic detection that monitors attempted outbound connections to known bad URLs, and application reputation which leverages crowd-sourced big data warehouse managed by SophosLabs to determine whether a downloaded file is known to be good or bad and prompts the user to take appropriate action. —EB

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