Smartworld signs investor pact with DQG


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Smartworld, UAE’s leading systems integrator and next generation ICT services provider, has signed an investor partnership agreement with Dubai Quality Group (DQG) which will focus on mutual cooperation toward encouraging quality, business excellence, innovation, technology performance, and leadership in innovative technologies.
The partnership aims to contribute to the vision of the National Innovative Strategy of making the UAE the most innovative country by 2021.
The agreement signing ceremony was attended by senior officials from both parties. The delegation from DQG was headed by Eng. Ahmed Al Mulla, Vice Chairman of Dubai Quality Group, who handed over the Certificate of Investor Partnership to Abdulqader Obaid Ali, Chief Executive Officer, of Smartworld, in appreciation for its investment in DQG’s strategies and initiatives. As a part of their mutual association, this strategic partnership was signed under the framework of both parties’ efforts to develop quality and business excellence, in terms of enhancing the quality of innovative technologies, and implementing the latest initiatives and strategic plans focused on improving performance levels of innovative technologies.
The investor partnership between both parties aims at enabling the transfer and exchange of expert knowledge, experiences, best practices and ideas, and the expansion of optimal and productive cooperation.
Fatma Buti Al Mheiri, Chairman of DQG, said: “Having Smartworld as an investor partner is a value addition to DQG and this partnership is in line with our pursuit to consolidate, develop and promote quality and business excellence practices in UAE’s innovative
The agreement also reflects our commitment to support the vision of the UAE leadership providing the best of innovative technologies that ensure happiness of customers. It gives us significant leverage to develop and introduce new concepts and ideas that will further consolidate UAE’s reputation as a leading innovator in the technology. The partnership has been signed with the objective of providing more towards meeting the requirements in improving performance at the organizational level. Through the investor partnership with Smartworld, we look forward to further strengthening our collaboration toward implementing excellence standards and practices at professional levels.”
She added, “Dubai Quality Group is strongly committed to promoting quality and business excellence in this key sector and ultimately establishing a strong foundation that would underpin the long-term growth of technology.”
Abdqulqader Obaid Ali, CEO of Smartworld, said: “In line with the vision of the UAE’s leadership to innovate and excel, Smartworld is actively taking initiatives that will boost quality, efficiency and innovation and ensure happiness of customers and all stakeholders associated with us. Our partnership with DQG reaffirms this commitment and is driven by the clear vision of being the top-of-the-league digital services provider to enable a futuristic digital growth. We look forward to implementing new concepts and ideas that will contribute to the growth of technology sector as a whole, through this collaboration.”
Dubai Quality Group invites entities from the government and private sectors to a partnership in order to benefit from what it has to offer in terms of improving Quality & Business Excellence. These partnerships will enhance cooperation among government and private entities by provide a platform for knowledge and information exchange, which will in return have a positive impact on the business environment. The partnership will also increase the scale and speed of innovation and creativity implementation at the partnering entities.
DQG’s partnership is particularly beneficial to the entire business community, as it provides direct access to a wide range of resources and information that are essential in maintaining focus towards achieving quality and excellence.

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