‘Shindesu’: It’s all about styling, celebs and more

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People familiar with the beauty industry and the celebrity make-up artists, need no introduction about who he is. Whether you are from West or East, from Middle East or Asia pacific, a Bollywood fan or a Hollywood one, this Dubai-based Malaysian entrepreneur has styled celebrities and made his presence felt in the industry across the globe.
Shindesu claims he is an artist not just a hair-stylist or make-up expert. And if you have noticed his work, you would more than agree that he
indeed is right. He comes with an over 15 years of experience in hair styling and make-up artistry.
Shindesu has worked with award winning photographers, global couture designers, top models and celebrities. As the key artist, he was part of many bridal parties, film/TV shootings, music videos shootings, theatre performances and leading fashion shows such as India fashion week/Couture week.
This Malaysia Institute of Arts graduate has worked his magic on Bollywood and Hollywood stars like Demi Moore, Naomi Watts, Eva Longoria, Nicole Scherzinger, Leona Lewis, Katrina Kaif, Frieda Pinto.
Emirates Business talks to him as he reveals some of the best-kept secrets of his products and services that have earned him an international fame both as an artist and an entrepreneur in the field of beauty.

When did you decide you wanted to be an entrepreneur?
Well, it all started in my home country, Malaysia. But my career had brought me to a lot of places but for the past 10 years, I am based in Dubai. I like a close-knit efficient team and hence I had maintained a relatively small head count over the years. At the moment, Shindesu has three employees and some part-time artists, covering ICT/mass media, photoshoots, events, administration and finance. I feel so blessed and thankful to have the opportunities working not just in Middle East, but also in Europe, India and Asia Pacific.

How do you look at the fashion and the beauty industry in this country and worldwide?
From my perspective, fashion and beauty industry is closely related to luxury market. And these days, there are economic uncertainties in a number of countries that affected the luxury market and in-turn would no doubt affect the fashion industry. However, we’re relatively lucky as UAE is not significantly affected. Business is as good as always here. It’s quite tricky to put a number of the value of the industry but I am optimistic that the growth is positive.

You are based in Dubai — do you have other expansion plans in mind?
As it is right now, I already have a global presence despite being based exclusively in UAE. My future plans include having associates or affiliates in emerging markets to ensure business sustainability.
Also, of late, I have ventured into producing high-quality products — one is exclusive line of handmade brushes and other is my signature eye lashes. I do have big hope on these items and so far the responses have been spectacular and are reciprocating my two years of hard work.

What is the role of technology in your field?
Two words — ‘A Lot’. Technology plays a very vital role in the industry bridging the masses with the visuals and appeal of fashion, make-up and beauty. I am well aware of this and so I always ensure that my website, facebook and instagram pages are
working, updated and look fresh.

Businessmen in construction and real estate sectors have affirmed that there is going to be a lot of activity in UAE as the Expo 2020 is nearing. Will it make a difference to your industry as well?
World Expo 2020 will definitely put all eyes on Dubai. But all the mega projects, the palms, the malls, the buildings, the aquarium and the likes had already put Dubai on world map for the last 10 years. I’m sure Dubai will always stay at the center of global attention. On my end, I always keep myself updated with the latest trends and style to ensure that we’ll be the memorable and fashionable host with style and grace.

Yours is a very competitive field where creativity is the soul. How do you keep upto the growing expectations of customers?
I could not agree more on this. In my line of business, having no creativity means death. Creativity keeps us alive. High level of creativity, imagination and efforts are needed to get the perfect finish, look and texture.

Where do you see your business ten years down the line?
10 years down the road, I could see the company having more portfolios across services and products categories. I also envision a company that gives back to the community that had supported us very well over past years.

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