Sharjah Residency reviews work at Al Ain Residency


A delegation from the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Sharjah visited the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Al Ain. The visit aims to review the work mechanism and to exchange expertise on services procedures in general and the procedures followed by the Information and Follow-up Section in particular.
Colonel Khalifa Matar Balquba’ Al Humairi, Director of the Residency and Foreigners’ Affairs Centre in Al Ain stressed the importance of such visits between the different departments across the sector, so as to identify the best practices and distinguished experiences, which have a positive impact on the workflow and its progress.
Colonel Al Humairi underlined the need to build on the different experiences and practices that contributed to achieving excellence and had influential outcomes on improving performance. “This would further promote work and the speed of delivery of the various services, ensuring progress towards achieving the UAE’s strategy to transform all of its services into smart e-services,” he said.
Major Ahmed bin Nachira Al Ameri, Head of the Information and Follow-up Section at the Al Ain Residency, briefed the visiting delegation headed by Capt. Salim Hassan Khadoum, about the work procedures at the Information and Follow-up Section.
He also briefed the delegation on the mechanism of work adopted at the Disputes’ Settlement Section over labour issues, domestic helpers’ issues helpers and their equivalent. The delegation members also reviewed the proper mechanism to settle such issues, and carried out a comparison with the mechanism used by the Sharjah Residency.

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