‘Scandal’ script aped by real USA presidential debates

Los Angeles / AFP

“Scandal” showrunner Shonda Rhimes revealed her writers had been forced to change sections of dramatic dialogue after seeing their lines spoken for real in the US presidential debates.
The ABC political thriller features a presidential race which mirrors the current battle for the Republican and Democratic nominations—and a White House hopeful in upcoming episodes who bears a striking resemblance to GOP frontrunner Donald Trump.
Asked to comment on the debates—which have been criticized for their unbecoming tone and Trump’s infamous reference to the size of his manhood—Rhimes obfuscated, saying the process was “its own thing—you can’t make that stuff up.”
But she revealed: “We did have some moments where I’d run back to the writers’ room the next day and go, ‘Hey, there’s some dialogue we have to cross out because it’s kind of already happened.”
Fans at the PaleyFest television festival in Los Angeles were treated to an exclusive preview of the fifth season’s next episode, due to air on Thursday, and a panel session involving cast members including Kerry Washington, Tony Goldwyn and Portia de Rossi.

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