Roku announces new streaming stick

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Home media company Roku is all set to launch its new Streaming Stick later in April. It’s both smaller and eight times as powerful than its predecessor with a new private listening feature.
Private listening means that the Roku Streaming Stick can send audio to a nearby iOS or Android device via the Roku Mobile App.
Plug in a pair of headphones — wired or wireless — and it’s one way that users can watch a show or movie while keeping the sound to themselves.
On the inside, there’s a quad-core processor that helps make the model 3600 Roku Streaming Stick 8x more powerful than its predecessor.
The USB dongle also comes equipped with Roku OS 7.1 out of the box, delivering enhanced search and discovery, plus a handy tool that lets you know when a
“followed” movie or show changes price or becomes available for free.
In the same field, fellow US firm Apple launched its 4th gen Apple TV in October 2015, while Google is backing the Chromecast,
Android TV and Google TV initiatives.

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