Rabdan Academy’s Together We Thrive initiative continues social responsibility efforts


Rabdan Academy has hosted an event for orphaned children as part of its Together We Thrive social responsibility initiative at SeaWorld Abu Dhabi, Yas Island.
In collaboration with the Emirates Red Crescent (ERC) and SeaWorld Abu Dhabi, Yas Island, the event welcomed 15 orphaned children aged between 5 and 12 years-old, accompanied by their foster families, to the park and research centre.
The day comprised a tour of Yas SeaWorld Research and Rescue Centre Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, the MENA region’s largest integrated research, rescue, rehabilitation, and education facility for marine life conservation. Attendees gained insights into the centre’s role in conservation, including animal care, rescue, rehabilitation, and research initiatives, amplifying marine life preservation across the region.
His Excellency Salem Saeed Al Saeedi, Vice President of Rabdan Academy, said: “This event underscores the academy’s commitment to initiatives that facilitate the integration of orphans into society, while supporting the government’s endeavours to ensure security and social stability for all demographics.”
His Excellency Al Saeedi emphasised that the social responsibility initiative Together We Thrive, initiated by the academy as part of its 2024 strategy, highlights its role in cultivating social solidarity and reinforcing the principles of charitable work and humanitarian giving.
His Excellency Al Saeedi also expressed gratitude towards ERC for its dedication to sponsoring orphans at local, regional and global levels, as well as for providing essential services and nurturing their talent and creativity. His Excellency Al Saeedi also commended Miral for its support in organising awareness, cultural, and recreational activities and programmes for orphans.
Salem Al Suwaidi, Director of Emirates Red Crescent’s Abu Dhabi Centre, commended the Rabdan Academy initiative aimed at supporting orphans, highlighting its alignment with the academy’s commitment to both social responsibility and academic excellence. Al Suwaidi emphasised ERC’s dedication to fostering partnerships across all sectors of society to enhance its humanitarian programmes, promoting development, and broadening the scope of beneficiaries, particularly focusing on orphans. Al Suwaidi underscored ERC’s focus on supporting orphans and its efforts to garner community backing for them and their caregivers, reaffirming ERC’s eagerness for further collaboration and coordination with Rabdan Academy in this noble endeavour.
Thomas Kaferle, General Manager of SeaWorld Abu Dhabi, Yas Island said: “We are excited to welcome with Rabdan Academy and the Emirates Red Crescent for this special event, where we have the privilege of hosting the children at SeaWorld Abu Dhabi. It’s our mission to provide not only entertaining but also educational experiences that inspire a deeper appreciation for marine life. Through initiatives like this, we hope to make a positive impact on the lives of the children and contribute to their wellbeing and happiness.”
The event featured interactive experiences and games, inviting attendees to explore the eight themed realms at SeaWorld Abu Dhabi, Yas Island, Abu Dhabi Ocean, One Ocean, Artic, Antarctica, Rocky Point, Tropical Ocean, Endless Ocean and MicroOcean.

The children discovered the wonders of the ocean through marine animal, educational presentations and learning sessions highlighting the behaviours of marine life.
Rabdan Academy employees actively engaged in the experience, leveraging their educational expertise to implement a variety of interactive activities and games, aiming to nurture children’s creative thinking skills.
The Together We Thrive social responsibility initiative is part of a strategic plan designed to reinforce the academy’s community engagement and its impactful role in societal growth and development.

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