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QNET empowers women entrepreneurs copy


As more and more women are catching up with the pace of the corporate world, QNET (QNet Ltd and QN Europe) continues to nurture the dreams of budding women entrepreneurs. It offers them one of the quickest, easiest and low risk formulas to set up their own business.
The renowned Asian direct sales company supports young women who can enrich their families, make a difference in their communities and in the lives of others, as well as reach for their own dreams.
Khaled Diab, Regional General Manager, QNET MENA, spoke to Emirates Business on the company’s initiative. “To honour women and their growing role in society, QNET has an unrelenting dedication to develop a unique world for women within our corporate structure. And we hope that they feel our sincere appreciation of their ability to drive positive change and blaze new trails within the direct selling sector.”
According to Forbes, the direct selling industry globally is currently worth USD30 billion and, more than 65 million women find direct selling to be the answer to gaining control of their own time, often while working in other full- or part-time careers and while being wives and mothers— managers of households.
“To be a successful woman entrepreneur, women need three things to harness the power of people into a successful business — first, a woman who strives to understand people and their unique strengths, weaknesses and motivations; second, a woman’s heart which allows to love and raise themselves into able leaders so that they may have the capacity to love others and serve them; and third, a woman’s hand which teaches women to help people by adding value to their gifts and driving them to succeed so that they may be inspired to do the same,” Diab said.
The company continues to support women by encouraging them to join their team, as direct sellers, maximizing their earning potential while giving them the freedom to work according to their individual schedules.
The flexibility of working as an IR has many benefits although one must be dedicated and driven to achieve and surpass one’s goals.
“QNET has always believed in gender equality and been a keen supporter of women’s rights. Based on the statistics provided by the Direct Selling Association 74.4 percent of the Independent Representatives and workforce working in the direct selling business are women. With their nurturing nature and ‘never say die’ attitude they have greatly contributed to the success of the direct selling business here in the MENA region and worldwide,” Diab said.

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