New auto-reply tech gives businesses the big push

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Alkesh Sharma / Emirates Business

Instant replies to customer queries always bring brisk business. Dubai-based start-up Brndstr is creating ripples in the industry with its new auto-reply tool which would enable technology entrepreneurs and corporates to promptly interact with their targeted customers, by using intelligent robotic responses.
Brndstr is offering a wholesome directory of hashtag and emoji on Twitter platform to easily create auto-replies for its users. This inbuilt technology called PowerPack could help in generating quick robotic replies to product queries of the clients. It’s easy to use the dashboard that lets the user to create a hashtag or emoji trigger that will send custom messages instantly. All replies and stats would be accessible from the dashboard.
“Twitter remains to be an indispensable marketing tool today. With the launch of PowerPack, companies will now have an opportunity to easily convert any hashtag or emoji into an auto responder that can perform intelligent robotic replies,” said Simon Hudson, CEO and Founder of Brndstr, which was established in July 2013 with an initial $600,000 seed funding.
“Companies can activate #Contact or #Deals enabling them to send instant information about the company or latest offers, to Twitter users who interact with them on this platform. With businesses increasingly looking to enhance their marketing and engagement tools as benchmarks for performance, it is important that we continue to support these organisations in their infancy to avoid losing innovation to overseas investment,” pointed out Hudson.
Recently, Brndstr won laurels for the UAE by outperforming nearly 110 applicants, from 80 countries, by getting
selected among ‘top 50’ to participate in the prestigious ‘Start-up Grind’s Global Conference’ at Silicon Valley, starting on Tuesday. This high-profile conference, which is powered by Google for entrepreneurs, is an elite group of companies whose founders range from best-selling authors to former Googlers to CERN Physicists and Forbes honorees.
“It is an honour to be one of the 50 companies selected to share our ideas, innovations and vision among potential investors. We are proud to share our latest product PowerPack, which acts as a hashtag and emoji directory on Twitter to enable people, brands and businesses to engage immediately with their audience, stated Hudson.
The companies selected under the programme are given access to Startup Grind’s network of mentors and investors for the purpose of accelerating their pace towards growth and success.
“Our vision is to help brands build innovative campaigns across different online channels. With the internet of things around the corner, it is becoming more and more important and essential for brands to be able to connect with users in real-time,” stated Hudson.

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