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MumMum restaurant was established with the concept that healthy nutrition for children should be a blend of both delicious and fun. Opened in Sharjah in 2012, MumMum is an innovative, healthy fast food family restaurant that serves an array of meals specially created and prepared to be packed with as much flavour as they are with important nutrients and vitamins.
Mohammed Al Thaher, Head of Communications at Mum Mum, told Emirates Business, “At Mum Mum we believe that healthy nutrition for children should be something that is both delicious and fun. Through our appetizing home-cooked meals, we want to show our customers that it is not necessary to sacrifice taste in order to stay healthy.”
MumMum prides itself on using only the very best ingredients from top suppliers, with all products fresh, nut-free and containingno preservatives or additives. The restaurant creates its dishes from ingredients in their rawest, freshest and most basic form, dicing their vegetables and blending their own sauces, marinades, dips and dressings.Itcrafts, tweaks and plays with recipes to create delicious and healthy meals that keepkids and their parents coming back for more.
Each meal is endorsed by international Nutritionist Caroline Skirrow, with preparation in the restaurant carefully overseen by in-house Nutritionist Snezana Vrtanoska. A Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Snezana works closely with the team members to ensure that each menu item is specially formulated to meet the nutritional needs of growing children. She also offers private consultations for parents and their children at the restaurant, where she advises on optimum nutrition and meal creation.
“Here at Mum Mum, we aim to keep every customer happy and satisfied,” Mohammad added, “Come and pay us a visit in-person, via our website or on our mobile app, and you are sure to find something to suit the tastes of everyone in the family.”

Activity centres
The restaurant’s philosophy is that eating well should be part of a greater experience that involves strong elements of fun and recreation.
With this in mind, a central component of the restaurant is its activity centres that have been designed to be both stimulating and entertaining.
Bouncy room: A ‘bouncy room’ has been created and filled with an inflatable castle where children can work up a healthy appetite with fun physical exercise as they wait for their meals to be served.
Eye Play: A large play area is home to an Eye Play set-up, which projects interactive games onto the floor. Reacting to children’s movements, the feature’s games include soccer, ice hockey, bubble popping and stamping on ketchup sachets.
3D cinema: Perfect for relaxing and letting food digest after a delicious meal is MumMum’s 3D cinema.
MumMum Run: Parents needn’t feel left out from the activities at the restaurant either. The MumMum Run welcomes mums and dads, as well as their children, who want to stay fit by jogging. MumMum Run involves circuits of the restaurant in conjunction the MumMum app that offers important advice how to maximise benefits and performance from the right combination and amount of fluids, carbs and proteins.
The grounds of MumMum have been designed to be just as engaging for young minds as the restaurant’s interior. While parents can make the most of the view from the great beachside location, their children can enjoy the delights of the garden and its popular feature flower and vegetable wall where children can plant a seed and return over a period of watch toobserve its growth.
MumMum takes its healthy and delicious eating into the community, both in philosophy and in practice. The company’s comprehensive array of nutritional services includes full personalised catering for children’s occasions, with events at family homes a speciality. MumMum is committed to helping children, parents, teachers and caregivers learn more about nutrition and wellbeing, having a firm belief that eating real food from childhood is something that instills life-long healthy eating habits. MumMum providescatering services for schools, nurseries and hospitals in Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi, delivering wholesome meals that are ready-to-serve from temperature-control containers that ensure hot food stays hot and cold foods stay cold.
As well as bringing premium nutritional meals to important social establishments, The retaurant has also built canteens inside schools to provide healthy eating options in house. As a part of its community programme teachers and students are invited to the restaurant to enjoy nutritious and full-of-flavour food in its own fun and interactive environment.
MumMum’s commitment to the community goes beyond educating about healthy eating and delivering nutritious food. The company has an extensive CSR programme that sees it partner with a number of organisations to create awareness about various important issues affecting society. Among the institutions and groups it works with are the Awaldouna Rehabilitation Centre, which provides specialist support for children with special needs, and the Friends of the Cancer Patient organisation on their new initiative, ANA.
Also, MumMum visitors can pick up an array of merchandise to take the good nutrition message home with them. Included in the MumMum retail range are fun-decorated cups, plates, bowls, bags, aprons, bibs and T-shirts for adults and little ones -memorable and practical mementos that will serve as handy reminders of the importance of eating healthily at all times.

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