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Aghareed is the world’s first and only full
wedding concierge to bring every detail, decision and service to one venue for both packaged and bespoke wedding experiences.
The professional assistance starts with the early planning of the proposal, continues through to the ceremony and carries on into the honeymoon.
The service caters to the robust wedding industry in the UAE, with approximately 15,000 ceremonies taking place each year. The nation is also host to one of the biggest bridal exhibitions in the region and a hub for wedding trends in the
Middle East.
Clare Ebbs, Managing Director, Aghareed, told Emirates Business about the distinctiveness of their work,
“Clients, we aim to develop our knowledge and passion for the wedding industry. At Aghareed, we place a premium on best-practice customer service, positioning us as the peoples’ choice for elite wedding organizers and assisting us in our journey towards being the leading wedding concierge in the UAE.”
While there are a significant number of start-up companies trying to cater to the industry, the majority offer limited services and lack operational
support. Aghareed in turn is a conglomerate, offering a network of wedding service providers who are experts in their respective fields.
From the budget to execution and designing to planning – everythingAghareed does is in-house; an army of wedding service providers operating under the Aghareed chain of command. Service is consequently prompt and personal, and above all transparent.
Although the perfect
wedding requires months of planning and seamless coordination; couples are spared the trouble when they are assigned their very own personal consultant who will be their one point of contact throughout. The relationship takes hold when bride and groom are profiled on their first day and follows through beyond the perfect wedding that is
delivered on time, on target and with no surprises.
Couples choose from an extensive range of services that include everything from the cake and dress to dance classes and personal scents.
The UAE-based wedding concierge Aghareed recently selected Julie & Romeo to be its exclusive design partner. In what is expected to be a match made in heaven, Julie & Romeo’s founder, Julie Ziani, aims to be bring her expertise and insight to enhance Aghareed’s comprehensive portfolio of wedding services that have seen the company establish its name as the preferred deliverer of bespoke marriage ceremony experiences for couples in the region and beyond.
“I am extremely excited to have entered into a new partnership with Aghareed that will see us working together to create the very best personally tailored wedding service for brides and grooms. Our mutual passion for ensuring the ultimate experience for couples on the biggest day of their lives will enable us to work in harmony to set new standards for weddings, whether in the UAE or overseas,” said Julie Ziani, Founder of Julie & Romeo.
Aghareed team takes great pride in introducing themselves as the world’s first Wedding Concierge. Unlike others that claim the tag, Aghareed does not just plan, or design, or manages that outsource — they are consultants — dedicated to
creating perfect weddings.

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