Maserati first SUV inspired from the ‘Mediterranean wind’

Maserati unveils first SUV (1) copy

Sunaina Rana / Emirates Business

The Italian luxury car brand Maserati, has finally introduced its first SUV in its hundred-year history: the Levante.
Maserati’s new car’s name has been inspired by the wind. The Levante is a warm Mediterranean wind that can change from a light breeze to an irresistible natural force in an instant, mirroring the character of the first Maserati SUV.
Umberto Cini, Managing Director, Maserati Middle East, India and Africa, told Emirates Business, “The Levante is a wind of change for us. Adding an SUV to our model portfolio will open up the Maserati range to a whole new target audience. That the Middle East enjoys its luxury SUVs is no secret, so we expect it to become one of our best-selling models, within the triple digit range per annum across the region.”
Design, Exclusivity and Performance are the key characteristics for describing this new Maserati. Distinctively Italian in style, with breathtaking and iconic Maserati design features. The spacious interior, enhanced panoramic electric sunroof, is combined with coupé-sleek external lines and the best aerodynamic efficiency in its category with a Cx coefficient of just 0.31.
Based on the Quattroporte and Ghibli architecture, the new Maserati SUV is further evolved and refined to meet the expectations of this market segment. However this would be the first time Maserati will compete in this segment. With the lowest centre of gravity in its class, the car has a perfectly balanced weight distribution between front and rear. The high levels of dynamic torsional and flexional stiffness, and a mechanical self-locking rear differential as standard, when driven on-road.
The Levante has been designed with the technology that applied to offer outstanding performances both on and off-road. Sophisticated suspension – double-wishbone on the front axle and multi-link on the rear, combined with electronically controlled damping, four corner air-springs providing 5 dynamic ride levels (plus one additional park-position), play an essential role in the car’s handling.
The additional feature of the height-adjustment of the body position particularly useful in off-road driving. This feature guarantees ride comfort at the top of the category. The Levante is fitted with a 3 litre V6 Twin-Turbo petrol engine with either 350hp or 430hp. Both engines are combined with the ‘Q4’ intelligent all-wheel drive system – which can transfer torque between the axles instantaneously when required – and an 8-speed automatic gearbox, with integrated Start&Stop System.

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