Marine, beyond boats and cruises

Beyond boats and cruises

Ritika Sharma / Emirates Business

From five star luxury yachts to eco-boats and personal submarines – the ongoing International Dubai Boat show has attracted the latest innovations in the GCC’s marine industry. The range of water crafts being exhibited at the show are a reflection of variety and novelty in the region’s industry.
The 24th edition of region’s leading marine luxury, leisure and lifestyle event taking place from March 1-5 at the Dubai International Marine Club Mina Seyahi is living up to its reputation as visitors see the biggest superyachts and enjoy thrilling experiences with personal submarines to diving, paddle boarding plus breathtaking stunts at the event.
Considered as one of the most important international exhibitions in the maritime sector, the show serves as a unique platform to highlight the region’s expertise in the field.
At the event, emirates-based Gulf Craft globally premiered its oceangoing Nomad 55 – the shipyard’s latest addition to its long-range series of Nomad Yachts.
“As yachting becomes more intuitive both in the region and worldwide, devoted sea goers are asking two questions – how can we spend more time in the open seas, and how can we do so comfortably,” said Erwin Bamps, CEO of Gulf Craft.
“The aim of our Nomad Yachts series is to deliver both seamlessly through meticulous detail in both craftsmanship and design, serving boat enthusiasts with an insatiable appetite for sea travel. We are delighted to bring this experience to our guests at the Dubai International Boat Show.”
Merging timeless interior design with advanced engineering, the Nomad 55 is a destination in and of itself, promising holidaymakers a memorable escape from the ordinary through its unequivocal onboard luxury and first-class comfort.
Among the many water craft promoted at this year’s Dubai International Boat Show, two stand apart – notable not for their speed or grace across the water, but how deep they can go below the waves.
The U-Boat Worx C-Explorer 3 and Friday Personal Submarine are compact passenger-carrying submersibles that open up a new world in underwater exploration. With a maximum dive depth of 300 metres, they can go 16 times deeper than the 18 metre limit for the most widely held recreational diving qualification, the PADI Open Water Certificate.
“There are lots of things to explore that are too deep for SCUBA diving. “Most shipwrecks that you can dive have been prepared, and lots of divers have already been there. With a sub, you can find shipwrecks that have never been seen since the day they sank – you can be the first there,” said Roy de Boer from U-Boat Worx.
“We developed the submarine to use in our own research, aiming to dive up to 300 metres with a mission of eight hours duration. It was an intellectual challenge for a group of researchers, and aims to be the smallest, lightest, and also the most affordable of its kind,” said Fernando Seabra Santos, Friday CEO.

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