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For those on lookout for more creativity in fashion shows, for those who dare to think beyond set principles of designing and for those whose want to make fashion ‘inspirational’, Arab Fashion Week 2016 (AFW) was the place to be. From Shakespeare’s shy Juliet to Jane Austin’s endearing Elizabeth, from futuristic architecture to earthy colours – AFW 2016 has set high standards for the event’s upcoming editions in terms of technology, talent and creativity.
AFW 2016 in its second edition acted as the ‘perfect platform’ for 77 designers from 22 Arab countries making it the biggest international fashion event of the region.
Speaking to Emirates Business, Ilham Abbas, Chief Strategy Officer of the Arab Fashion Council, the organiser of Arab Fashion Week 2016 said, “This (AFW) is what everyone related to fashion industry in the region looks upto. It’s a huge responsibility to meet the expectations as the entire fashion world is looking at us at this moment. This year’s edition is making us proud and more confident that the next edition of the event will be grander and truly spectacular.”
The four-day event targeting the region’s fashion professionals which concludes today features iconic structure, world class sound and light technology, internationally trained models specially moulded for the Arab version of the international fashion weeks.
Lamya Abedin, one of the two Emirati fashion designers showing their creations in the event told Emirates Business, “AFW is nothing less than a sheer inspiration. As a designer showing the closing collection of the event, I have very closely seen how much work and energy is put in by the organisers to make this show worth.”
“It is such an encouragement to designers from other part of the Arab world as it is an international show designed especially for us,” added Lamya.
“It is months of hard work. We went with a team to Milan for the Paris Fashion Week to select and fly in the best of the best in technology and talent to make AFW capable of encouraging local designers to reach out to international suppliers and buyers, Ilham said.
The Arab Fashion Week Dubai is designed to be one of the world’s highest profile designers showcase along with the other four big fashion weeks held in New York, London, Milan & Paris. It is the official fashion week of Dubai and the Arab World, a prestigious landmark in the fashion industry, representing the 22 Arabic countries that are members of the Arab League.
The fact that the Arab Fashion Week admits International Designers to show on our Calendar underlines the importance and relevance of the Arab World to host international designer and it positions it on the International map of Fashion as new landmark.
The candidature of the countries to host the event was open for all the Arabic Governments members of the Arab League and the selection was based on the voting Campaign open to the public which was launched through the official website of the Arab Fashion Week receiving more than 7 million votes.
The Arab World is the new attraction of fashion, and The Arab Fashion Week is the only official fashion week in Dubai scheduled on the International Calendar of Fashion events.
The economic potential of the Arab world focuses for many years on the consumption of luxury goods, developing a high level in many market sectors including technology, construction, engineering and urban planning, developing floating city of luxury.

A spotlight on kids’ fashion
Kids-wear market is estimated to hit US$173.6 billion by 2017, growing at a stable compound annual interest rate (CAGR) of 4.2 percent. According to Reference for Business report, there are over 1,000 international children’s fashion brands worldwide.
Keeping the above in mind, the Arab Fashion Week event, for the first time, hosted a fashion show exclusively for kids.
Speaking to Emirates Business, Ilham Abbas, Chief Strategy Officer of the Arab Fashion Council, the organiser of Arab Fashion Week 2016 said, “Kids fashion is an extremely important market globally and even for UAE fashion industry. We at the Arab Fashion Week have encouraged local designers to look at this industry which is one of the biggest industries of the world. “
“And designers in the Arab part of the world have not really captured this market as of now. This time AFW took the first initiative and as we had this show dedicated to kids.”

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On Day 1, second edition of AFW presented by Huawei showcased elegant designs from the Ready-Couture Fall Winter 2016-17 collections

Hamda Al Fahim
Kicking off the Arab Fashion Week evening with sheer elegance was the Hamda Al Fahim collection. Intricate embroidery on atelier gown was the highlight on the runway. Folds of silk and floral detailing with a warm natural palette created an serene ambiance during the Arab Fashion Week Ready-Couture.

J By Jordy
Known for her intricate geometric designs, once again J By Jordy ready couture collection brought her exquisite elegance to the runway. Spiral geometry was quite prominent all through the collection that took an abstract form, translating luminescent glow and undulating movement.

Laura Mancini
The Laura Mancini collection showcased a sleek variety with a bold color palette of silk dark reds and Royal blues. The Ready couture collection transformed the stage with cape trends, ruffle designs and old classic Atelier wear. Mancini creates a youthful and modern vibe for the runway while keeping intact the poised silhouette.

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Maintaining a mono chromed theme, Giada Curti collection showcased distinctive designs of Ready-Couture for Arab Fashion Week. While pearls adorned the designs , the sheer lace highlighted the runway.

Closing the evening of Day 1 of Arab Fashion Week Ready-Couture, Abed Mahfouz collection created a radiant epitome with a subtle yet bold pastel palette. Intricate embroidery, exceptional colors and luxurious designs displayed a variety of atelier glory.



The second day for the Arab Fashion Week began on an exciting note with the ever-green collection of Gulnoza Dilnoza. The beaded embroidery blending with the bold vibrant tone palette enlightened and added a distinctive appeal to the show. E

WITH yu jordy fu

Yu Jordy Fu brought a futuristic appeal to her collection for the second day of Huawei Arab Fashion Week. Maintaining her sophisticated geometric vision and artistic intuition, the collection brought about a blue and white pastel palette of exquisite designs.

Sylvio Kovacic brought to the runway a dazzling collection on Day 2 of Arab Fashion Week. With intricate beaded detailing and exquisite shimmering embroidery, the MAESTRO collection showcased sheer elegance and distinctive beauty.

The Ultra Chic designs created an urbanist pop art ambiance at Arab Fashion Week. Exquisite contemporary palette and sophisticated printed work highlighted the silhouettes to near perfection. High-waisted belts, elaborated scarves, perforated sleeves and flowing ruffles brought out a refreshing outlook – a definite ultra chic.

Closing the 2nd day of the Arab Fashion Week, Al Anoud Alattiya showcased a pristinely conserved authentic haute couture collection featuring sheer lacey elegance and free flowing beauty. Impeccable ornately embroidery emerged across the runway. The highlights of Tiiya collection was the extravagant headpieces with floral vibrant and naturally earthy flavors. Only such a truly opulent winter collection could have concluded the evening at an internationally renowned platform.

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In line with the Arab Fashion Council’s vision for an eco-sustainable future, the Italian luxury brand, Cangiari presented a transitive and progressive collection. Known for being the first eco-ethical fashion brand, Cangiari stood out for its hand-loom fabrics.

Jamal Taslaq kicked off the evening with an exuberant soft toned palette collection with a salute to the Grecian Goddess. Distinctive bridal white, off -whites and shades of baby pink with sheer lace perfected the silhouettes with grace and beauty. Hints of metallic accessorised the runway that kept the mood subtle, yet brought an empowering statement with the collection.

in collaboration with J

Day 3 of the Second Edition of Arab Fashion Week welcomed back J by Jordy with another exceptional and futuristic collection. Keeping intact a natural earthy palette, Jordy Fu showcased an enigmatic out-of-the-world collection that featured segmented architectural pieces that was a key inspiration.

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Kacem Sahl introduced a fairy tale collection featuring shimmering dazzles and fine detailing. Intricacy in sequins and delicacy in embroidery reflected a midnight summer inspiration. The bold palette empowered the imagination to limitless dreams that added a sensuous ambiance to the winter garden. Supporting the exquisite designs of Kacem Sahl, the collection of Rocco Barocco brought a refined luxury to the runway.

Dany Atrache concluded the evening on a high note with an absolute ravishing collection that was inspired with floral aesthetics. Featuring rustic ornate elements, the collection provided deeper insights to fabrics, detailing and concepts.

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