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“Lives are crying because it’s not clean, Earth is dying because it’s not green” – I came across these lines while vaguely browsing through internet trying to find the best thing ever said about our planet. I must admit, it shook me to the core. Not because I am not aware of the numerous campaigns and endless efforts being made worldwide to raise awareness about the issue, but the fact that it is happening at such a pace and that we, individually, are not doing enough to save our earth — made me think a little afar. The second line is alarming and sadly, it is true beyond words.
Since then, I decided to contribute towards a better, greener and healthier earth – in whatever way possible. My little gestures might not seem to change the world on their own, but I know there are many people like me, who are doing it anyway.
It is March and that time of the year again, when we all show our concern regarding this issue at least for an hour if not more. Yes, the world is celebrating the Earth Hour March 19.
Everyone ‘should’ do their bit as climate change is much more than just the planet’s biggest environmental challenge!
Earth Hour inspires and mobilises people around the world to use their power to change climate change. From promoting climate awareness and garnering support for critical WWF conservation projects to driving legislative changes, Earth Hour
harnesses the power of the crowd to make real change. Uniting millions around the world for climate action, it is a testament to our power to impact our climate, our planet.
“Climate change is a people problem. People cause climate change and people suffer from climate change. People can also solve climate change. WWF’s Earth Hour shows what is possible when we unite in support of a cause,” says Ban Ki-Moon, Uited Nations Secretary-General once.
This year Earth Hour urges to shine a light on climate action and use your social power to show your commitment to our planet.

From icy Antarctica to the International Space Station, WWF’s Earth Hour has been uniting the environment lovers from across the globe. On the same lines, this year also, millions of Earth Hour supporters worldwide will join forces to highlight the need for climate action.

Earth Hour was born in Sydney, Australia, in 2007, as an idea that could unite people and deliver a firm message to the then climate sceptic government that climate change was an issue Australians cared about.
The hour was seen as a moment where people could unite to protect the planet regardless of age, gender, culture or religion. Who could have foreseen that it would quickly evolve into a global platform for people to take action on climate change, or that the act of turning off our lights for an hour would become an iconic symbol of people’s concern to protect the planet?
As of 2015, WWF’s Earth Hour has grown to become the world’s largest grassroots movement for the environment.
While the global lights out remains an impactful visual call-out, its true impact is starting to be seen in areas and communities fighting climate change on an everyday basis.

The UAE has been celebrating Earth Hour every year since 2008, with all seven emirates involved.
It is the biggest environmental event of the year, and with each passing Earth Hour more and more people are showing their commitment to our planet. Switch off on 19 March, 8:30P.M. local time, and switch on your social power.
Use #EarthHourUAE and #ChangeClimateChange to raise awareness on climate change and how it affects our region and our beautiful planet.
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