KF continues its efforts to enhance SME sector


Fund Khalifa for Enterprise Development organized the thirteenth Tawasul Forum in Ajman. That comes as part of the Fund’s interest to spread the quality initiatives aimed at enhancing the business environment and the different regions within the UAE.
Ahmed Al Hashemi, manager of Ajman branch said, “Khalifa Fund will continue working towards creating the appropriate environment for the growth of SMEs all over the UAE. The Fund’s team is making strenuous efforts to enhance the competitive advantages of these projects and enable acquisition of a stake in the local markets”.
“The Fund puts lots of efforts to urge the government, semi-government and private entities to give small and medium enterprises certain privileges to contribute to the development and support for their success. The success of projects financed by the Fund and its development means the success of plans, programs and strategies of the Fund.
The Fund’s management is keen to communicate with Emiratis entrepreneurs and listen to their views and learn about the challenges they face in order to cooperate with them to find optimal solutions for them”, added Al Hashemi.
Bodour Al Wahidi from Enterprise Development & Support Dept. made a presentation in which she highlights the support given by the Fund to the members. She also pointed to the distinctive success achieved through the Khalifa Fund gateway, which has become a platform for entrepreneurs for the local markets to enable them to market and promote their products and services
In addition to communicating with government, semi-government and national companies as well as being a place for communication among the members themselves.

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