Kababji: It’s gourmet ‘redefined’

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What is Lebanon famous for — its architectural monuments, its scenic beauty and the cultural and traditional heritage. But one thing that brings you the closest to the real Lebanon is the Lebanese food. Without a mention of the sumptuous cuisine of Lebanon, every expansion of this compact country is incomplete.
Lebanese is one for the most liked cuisines from Middle East and there are many food and beverage (F&B) outlets in UAE that cater to this cuisine. However only a few have been able to make a space in food lovers hearts for serving the authentic Lebanese food.
Kababji is one of them. A brand of ‘eathos’, a Dubai-based restaurant operating company operating in the Turkey, Middle East and North Africa (TMENA) region, Kababji has become a favourite among UAE residents looking for a true Labanese taste.
Kababji produces high quality food which appeals to consumers who are increasingly demanding of taste, fast and pleasant service.
Now a household name in Lebanon, the first Kababji opened in Jounieh, north of Lebanon in 1993 and was an instant success, Kababji has since been ranked amongst the country’s Top 100 national brands. Customers’ insatiable appetite for fast, home-style, healthy grilled meats drove Kababji Grill to expand.The Kababji team is composed of seasoned professionals with significant investment and operating experience and is led by Faysal Younes who is the CEO of Kababji.
During a recent opening of one of the outlets of Kababji in Dubai, Faysal said, “Mediterranean cuisine is famous for its combination of great tastes and health benefits. Kababji has made its place in the hearts of food lovers across the region for its authentic, flavoursome Lebanese dishes, through its range of high quality ingredients and specialised cooking techniques,” he said.
Younes belives that the brand has proven appeal amongst modern consumers who are increasingly demanding tasty and light food, promptly and courteously served, yet well-presented and conveniently packaged.
“These are precisely the type of customers in the Dubai Marina area, where we are present now,” he added.
“Kababji is deservedly one of the most renowned names on the Lebanese food scene and we intend to quickly mirror that success in Dubai. We replicate attention to detail that goes into traditional preparation of all Kababji dishes and which have contributed to making it the region’s most trusted, and sought after, quick and casual Lebanese restaurant,” he pointed out.
Kababji Express, is also coming to the UAE capital via Kababji’s Middle East master franchisee – Dubai’s eathos f&b platform. The 60 square meter outlet will open in the food court at the upscale The Galleria on Al Maryah Island. Apart from serving mall customers it will also offer a free delivery service on the island and in the nearby Tourist Club Area.
Eathos has recently opened two, full-service sit-in Kababji restaurants in Dubai at Dubai Marina Promenade and Deira’s Al Ghurair Centre – with Abu Dhabi earmarked for the Express concept.
However, moves are afoot to bring a full-service Kababji restaurant to the UAE capital later this year.
Talking about the expansion plans for Abu Dhabi expansion he shared, “Abu Dhabi with its large Levantine and Arab population is an ideal market for Kababji which serves food fresh daily to traditional recipes enhanced by the brand’s own proprietary spices.
“Residents and visitors to Abu Dhabi also love to try Middle Eastern food so the outlook is good. We hope to be able to announce the second Abu Dhabi Kababji within a few months,” he added.

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