iPhone SE, iOS update expected at tomorrow’s Apple special event


A new iPhone, new iPad, Apple Watch features, and iOS update are expected to form the bulk of Apple’s livestreamed presentation from Cupertino at 1pm EST (8pm UTC) on March 21, 2016.
The iPhone SE is the highest probability candidate for Apple’s March 2016 Special Event, if the reports by tech sites like 9to5mac and Apple Insider prove correct.Rather than a completely new phone, the SE’s said to be more of a “greatest hits” edition, packing many iPhone 6s features into the smaller iPhone 5s casing.
It’s also expected to retail at a more affordable price than the rest of Apple’s handsets, increasing accessibility in global economic terms.
Other likely reveals include a new iPad, given that the tablet’s standard form factor hasn’t been revised since 2014, as well as extra software and straps for the market-leading Apple Watch, and the release of iOS 9.3 for phones and tablets.
For context, 9to5mac reports that the new iPad, a 9.7in iPad Pro, is expected to retail at $599 for the 32GB WiFi-equipped base model, and that the SE will have matte edges rather than a scratch-prone glossy finish.
Previous events have demonstrated Apple’s fondness for saving a surprise announcement until last, but what that might be, if anything, is anyone’s guess.

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