Integrated Securities joins Nasdaq Dubai


Integrated Securities, one of the UAE’s brokerage firms and a subsidiary of Abu Dhabi Financial Group (ADFG) has become a Member of Nasdaq Dubai, providing its clients with the opportunity to trade equities on the region’s rapidly expanding international stock exchange.
Integrated Securities’ arrival on the market opens a new gateway for both its retail and institutional clients to access the unique investment opportunities offered by Nasdaq Dubai.
To mark the milestone, Ayman Hamed, General Manager of Integrated Securities, was welcomed to Nasdaq Dubai’s offices by Hamed Ali, Chief Executive of Nasdaq Dubai, for a ceremony to officially launch its membership.
Ayman Hamed said, “On behalf of our retail and institutional clients, we are excited to become a Member of Nasdaq Dubai. As the exchange further develops its equities market and global profile in 2016 and beyond, Integrated Securities’ expert team of dedicated financial services professionals will be on hand to provide investors with access and insight into market developments on the bourse.
The diverse offering of UAE and international equities provided by Nasdaq Dubai, which benefits from high liquidity, excellent global connectivity and international standards of regulation, are sure to appeal to Integrated Securities’ growing client base of discerning investors seeking to build their stock portfolio.”
Hamed Ali, Chief Executive of Nasdaq Dubai, said, “As an established name in the UAE capital markets, Integrated Securities is a welcome addition to the exchange, bringing deep knowledge and understanding of the equity markets as well as providing a substantial broadening of the Nasdaq Dubai investor base. The membership of Integrated Securities strengthens our
relationships with market participants as we prepare for further diverse equity listings from the UAE, the region and beyond.”

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