Hybrid-Electric Challenge to feature plug-in cars


Khalifa University and the Global Education Energy Environment (Global EEE), in cooperation with Launchpad, announced the 2016 Global Hybrid-Electric Challenge, which will debut to feature electric cars built by students on April 7 to 9 at the Al Forsan International Resort in Abu Dhabi. In two Grand Prix races, 17 teams from universities around the region will compete to win awards for their custom-built innovations.
In a hands-on educational competition, students will apply engineering design, management principles and strategy in order to construct and race full sized hybrid-electric cars.
The vehicles will be single person, lightweight, aerodynamic, high efficiency, electric-motor-driven cars with three wheels.
The first race, the Electric Grand Prix, will require teams to drive their electrically powered vehicles as far as possible for one hour on a closed loop using only the energy stored in their batteries. The Hybrid-Electric Grand Prix will allow teams to use petrol to travel as far as possible in a period of three hours on a closed loop course.
The results of the two competitions will be weighed to choose an overall winner. Unlike other types of conventional car races, this challenge is focused on demonstrating the highest levels of efficiency and energy management.
In addition to the top overall challenge winners and the top three finishers for both days, awards will be given for Fastest Qualifying Time, Technical Innovation, Best Presentation, Sportsmanship, Team Safety, WiSE (Women inScience & Engineering) Female Engineer, Vehicle Graphics Design, Vehicle Workmanship, Best Photo, and Best Video.
A panel of distinguished judges and international technical experts will run the competition and evaluate the entries for the various awards.
17 teams from the UAE, Egypt, Kuwait and Qatar participated in this unique challenge, which is open to both engineering and business students.

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