Human BioSciences expands collagen supplies to Middle East, GCC nations


Human BioSciences, a leading global player in the production of medical-grade collagen wound care, signed a contract in Qatar that will lead to supplying the healthcare needs in the Middle East and GCC countries. Founded in 1991 by renowned biotechnology expert Manoj Jain, Human BioSciences has emerged as an innovative biotech firm driven by solid science, global partnerships, and groundbreaking imagination.
With its main factory in the United States, the company has experienced steady growth and and is now ready to serve Middle East and GCC countries with its collagen wound care products.
With FDA approval of the revolutionary Kollagen products developed by Human BioSciences, a new era in wound care was introduced. This milestone led to the creation of a new category of Medicare reimbursement codes for collagen products and paved the way for a novel class of wound care solutions.
Today, three decades later, Human BioSciences continues to cater to the needs of thousands of hospitals, wound care clinics, nursing homes, and private practitioners across various care settings. Its products are designed to address challenging conditions such as diabetic wounds, surgical wounds, and other problematic cases where traditional gauze products have proven ineffective.
Rohan Jain, the President of Human BioSciences, emphasizes the significance of collagen innovation in wound healing. He said, “Wound healing is a global health issue, and collagen has revolutionised the way we interact with wounds. By providing essential components for skin repair, our technology enables patients to spend less time in hospitals, undergo fewer amputations, and incur lower healthcare costs.”
Before the 1970s, gauze was the primary wound care product. However, the understanding that maintaining a moist wound environment leads to faster healing prompted advancements in product types.
Early dressings focussed on moisture retention or excess drainage absorption, requiring the use of different products throughout the healing process. Collagen wound products, on the other hand, possess the remarkable ability to influence wound healing actively.
Collagen can be utilised during all four phases of healing, simplifying the treatment plan and extending its effectiveness.
Human BioSciences operates from its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Maryland, USA, serving as the primary headquarters.
The company’s mission, shared across three generations of the Jain family, is centered on the belief that all wounds matter, aiming to heal millions of complicated and difficult-to-treat wounds.
In addition to its presence in the United States, Human BioSciences has expanded its global network, with another manufacturing facility in India, offices in Europe, and ongoing partnerships worldwide.
The flagship products of Human BioSciences include Medifil II Collagen Particles and Skin Temp II Collagen Sheets, both containing 100% native bovine collagen. These products preserve the natural triple helix shape and high protein structure, ensuring superior stability and structure. Collatek, a viscous gel form of collagen suitable for drier wounds, complements the lineup.
Collagen is an essential component for wound healing in all stages, as the human body recognises and readily accepts it, accelerating the healing process.
RD Rajeshewari, a renowned expert in the field, commended the use of Medifil in treating diabetic ulcers to prevent complications. She further highlighted that the application of Medifil and SkinTemp yielded comprehensive results throughout all four phases of healing, culminating in the complete growth of normal-looking skin.
Collagen wound products continue to gain popularity for several reasons. They play a crucial role in establishing healthy granulation tissue and enhancing the tensile strength of newly formed scar tissue.
Collagen sheets and powders are suitable for various wound issues, including diabetic ulcers, lower extremity wounds resulting from poor circulation, dehisced surgical incisions, burn injuries, pressure injuries, and combinations of these issues.
Pain associated with dressing changes has been a major concern for many patients, particularly those accustomed to gauze-based products, which often require mechanical force to remove dead tissue. In contrast, collagen products form a soft gel when in contact with exudate, preventing adherence or abrasiveness to sensitive newly forming tissues such as granulation tissue, blood vessels, and nerve endings. This breakthrough eliminates the issue of painful dressing changes.
Medifil II Collagen Particles and Skin Temp II Collagen Sheets can be seamlessly integrated with various treatment modalities, enabling advanced personalised medical wound care. Infected wounds can be treated with antimicrobial topical and oral medications without the risk of negative interactions. For wounds with necrotic tissue, wound bed preparation through debridement is recommended before each application. The wear time of Human BioSciences collagen products can reach up to seven days, depending on drainage and topical application, effectively maximising cell migration. This extended wear time is a benefit not only to the patients but to the caregivers as well.
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About Human BioSciences
Human BioSciences has emerged as an innovative biotech firm driven by solid science, global partnerships, and groundbreaking imagination. With its main factory in the United States, the company has experienced steady growth and is now ready to serve Middle East and GCC countries with its collagen wound care products.

Rohan Jain, President at Human BioSciences, Inc USA
Rohan Jain is the President of Human Biosciences, a biotechnology manufacturing wound care company with factories in India, the United States and Taiwan. Founded by his father Manoj Jain, who pioneered a new surgical dressing category with Kollagen in 1991 transforming the wound care industry.
Jain leads the wound care manufacturing pioneer to continued success with expansion to global markets with facilities in India, the United States, Germany and Taiwan. New product innovations are constantly in development to meet the needs to people near and far with chronic complex wounds and simple skin injuries.
HBS offers contract manufacturing services for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM services) or private label producers. We have been able to strengthen our business through manufacturing alliances with some of the largest distributors of wound care. Our facilities are FDA-compliant and ISO 13485 certified.
“I am honoured to lead a company that is committed to improving the lives of patients around the world,” said Dr Rohan Jain.
“Our focus on innovation and quality has enabled us to become a trusted partner to healthcare professionals to improve patient outcomes. With millions of people suffering from skin integrity issues, it’s our duty to find ways to create products that heal faster and are cost-effective because all wounds matter.”
Prior to his role at HBS, Jain was a capital markets attorney at Shearman & Sterling LLP.
He received his Doctorate in Law and his MBA from New York University; his Bachelor’s degrees in Biomedical Engineering and Materials Science and his Master’s in Engineering Management from Johns Hopkins University. He is a member of the New York and Maryland bars.
Rohan Jain is also a member of The Manoj and Ritu Jain Foundation, which makes philanthropic donations to those in need. Most recently, millions worth of life-saving products have been sent to war-torn areas for instance the Ukrainian Relief Effort and areas affected by natural disasters like Earthquake Relief in Turkey.


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