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HMG Properties Group, one of the fastest growing real estate companies in the GCC, has announced that it has carried out a massive restructuring of its leadership team, to better focus on its core activities and increase profitability for the company.
HMG Properties, which develops and sells luxury residential and commercial properties across the GCC, Egypt, Lebanon, United States, United Kingdom and Spain, said that the restructuring was aimed at driving long-term growth for the company across major international markets.
As part of the restructuring process announced this week by the HMG Board of Directors, Chairman Abdul Aziz Bin HouHou takes up additional responsibility as Group Chief Executive Officer of the company. With over 18 years in the real estate business, Abdul Aziz will actively spearhead HMG’s expansion in various property sectors and activities while maintaining the company’s leadership position.
“We have achieved our financial goals in 2015 and look forward to exceeding our winning performance this year, even in the most challenging real estate scenario worldwide,” Abdul Aziz said.
“The bold steps that we are taking today are aimed at evolving our investment offerings, organizational structure and footprint in new sectors. These actions recognize the changing needs of the global real estate market and will deliver more value to our customers, increasing our competitive advantage while driving growth and profitability for our business,” he added.
Since its formation in Kuwait in 2009, HMG Group has reported aggressive growth in the international property sector, by developing world-class properties across multiple markets serving a wide range of home buyers and investors. The company is also among the top five largest shareholding companies in the UAE and has offices in more than 10 countries around the world.
One of Abdul Aziz’s immediate tasks as Group CEO would be to forge new and mutually benefitting partnerships in promising property investment destinations across the world. “HMG is keen to offer its clients a range of property offerings in different markets and increase our presence significantly,” he added. “The global real estate market is evolving continuously and we are keen to partner with companies who fully understand local property trends and can deliver our superlative service philosophy.”
HMG Properties is a leading real estate group locally, regionally and internationally. It offers residential, investment and development Properties in the US, UK and Spain.
The group provides a full range of services for property registration, delivery of the ownership documents and legal papers professionally and safely at the office of the country.

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