Etisalat sheds light on digital risk management

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ABU DHABI / Emirates Business

Etisalat highlighted the significance of organisations sharing their digital risk with trusted service partners as the telco presented its unparalleled portfolio of digital security solutions at ISNR Exhibition held in Abu Dhabi from March 15-17. The event is the world’s largest exhibition for homeland security and national resilience.
UAE is at the forefront of the digital revolution. Enterprises, small and medium businesses (SMBs) as well as federal and local governments are embracing disruptive technologies such as machine-to-machine (M2M), Internet of Things (IoT), and smart business solutions migrating to public and private clouds for the creation of smart communities. This paradigm shift to digital is putting immense pressure on traditional enterprise security controls and management structures.
Francisco Salcedo, Senior Vice President of Digital Solutions at Etisalat said, “A major portion of information that flows within and from an enterprise is digital in nature. Therefore, securing the network and the path of information flow assumes cardinal importance. Rapid shifts in the global and regional threat landscape mean that organizations and even nations today are prone to sophisticated and multi-vector persistent attacks that are most often commercially motivated”.
“Organizations, thus, need to have a “specialized” task force to augment their internal security teams to tackle these advanced threats and strengthen their security outlook. As an experienced and trusted security services partner, Etisalat helps companies, both private and public, protect themselves by improving their security posture and shares the impending security risks in their business environments”, he added.
Etisalat brings advanced, innovative and unrivalled portfolio of digital security solutions. The portfolio assures delivering value in continuously improving the security posture of its customers’ business environments.
At the Etisalat stand in the exhibition, visitors got the chance to view product demonstrations and interact with Etisalat’s sales and solutions teams and technology partners to understand and learn more about its Digital Security Services. Three major categories showcased include network-based security offerings, which are unique to Etisalat, advanced Managed Security Services delivered from Etisalat’s state-of-the-art Security Operations Centre (SOC) and innovative set of Cyber Security Services offering unmatched actionable intelligence for diversified industry verticals.
Etisalat’s Digital Security team delivered a keynote titled “Manage your Digital Risks with UAE’s Only Digital Security Solutions Provider’. An over-arching four-quadrant approach that enlightened the audience on choosing the right disciplines and adopting security services delivered by trusted service partners empowering shareholders in becoming the “knowledgeable owners”.
Etisalat also conducted mini theatre sessions covering network-based security, managed security operations and digital threat intelligence services at the Etisalat stand during the three-day event.

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