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Dubai / WAM

Emirates Environmental Group (EEG) continues its quest of increasing sustainable green spaces within UAE under its flagship campaign ‘For our Emirates We Plant’.
With the aim of inculcating an urge to recycle within different sectors of the society, EEG launched a special recycling campaign wherein participants were asked to collect certain quantities of paper and aluminium Cans and deposit for recycling.
As a result of their efforts and commitment, the participants were awarded with the opportunity to plant trees at this event. In the aim of increasing green spaces within UAE, Marriott Al Jaddaf joined the campaign and provided the land for carrying out the activity. Through this initiative EEG managed to collect a total of 73,653 kgs of paper and 4,222 kgs of aluminium cans. This collection helped mitigate 348.41 metric tonnes of CO2 emissions.
EEG has uniquely combined its recycling programmes with tree planting activities and continues to encourage participants to be engaged in both these pro environmental initiatives. During the event, eco-friendly residents from all sectors of the society; public and private institutions, academic institutions, corporate sector, hotels and families – came together to plant a total of 80 indigenous trees.
This sustainable green space will contribute to providing the appropriate habitat for the wildlife to thrive as well as mitigate 0.35 metric tonnes of CO2 emissions upon maturity of these trees in 5 to 7 years.
This unique benefit, of having a tree planted under their name, was EEG’s way of appreciating and showing respect to the participants and thanking them for their enthusiastic participation in EEG campaign. Further, a hands-on tree planting enables the participants to understand the importance of trees and lasting benefit to the environment and instils in them the sense of responsibility.
Habiba Al Marashi, Chairperson of the EEG, stated, “It is a top priority for us to instill these values in today’s generation, so that they can pass them down to their future. ‘For our Emirates we Plant’ is a wonderful initiative that directly addresses the issue. We hope to continue working closely with the community and invite more and more organisations from the corporate sector to join us and help take this rewarding campaign to the next level, and maximize the impact that we can make on the way that society interacts with the environment in the future.”

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