Dubai authorities ring alarm over cyber extortion

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Ritika Sharma / emirates business

Cybercrime is the second most
reported economic crime affecting 30 percent of the Middle East organisations, indicates ‘Global Economic Crime Survey 2016: Middle East’
report by pwc.
In the wake of this alarming situation, Dubai Customs and General Directorate of Dubai Police Al Ameen Service organised a workshop themed around cyber extortion and the effect of spreading rumours via social media. Aiming towards having well-informed employees regarding the illicit means of cyber-blackmail and the extents of vulnerability that should be fortified, the workshop was addressed by Abdulla Lashkari from Dubai Police.
“The hosting of this workshop comes in line with Dubai Customs keenness to ensure an optimal and up-to-date security awareness of its employees for better protecting social security and better honing their social media skills and immunity against cybercrimes, “ said Sheikha Al Ghafri, acting director of Customs Training Center.

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