Du, SAP launch new cloud services in UAE

Du, SAP to launch new cloud services (1) copy

Sunaina Rana / Emirates Business

UAE government enterprises will gain access to some of the world’s smartest applications in 2016 through their new cloud services, according to telecom giant du and software leader SAP. The announcement was made during the World Government Summit held in Dubai.
The collaboration between the two organisations will create digitalization and innovation across the country. According to The UAE Vision 2021, its motive is to be ranked among Top 10 in the world in INSEAD’s Global Innovation Index and in the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Index. du would support UAE federal and local government agencies, and private enterprises, with SAP’s innovative private cloud-based applications hosted on a state-of-the-art data center in the UAE.
Carlos Domingo, Senior Executive Officer, New Businesses & Innovation, du, said, “We’re doing all we can to equip the UAE to become a global leader in innovation. This partnership fast-tracks the adoption of world class digital services in the UAE by making them more cost effective and easier to attain. Now customers won’t have to face a massive up-front investment to increase their productivity with these services – they will only pay for what they use.”
The amalgamation of the excellent infrastructure (du) and the software (SAP) would create a unique off-the-shelf product – helping the UAE evolve to a cloud-based model, in line with global market trends. Considering the present scenario the of the private cloud applications, the organisation can become more proficient and agile it would also contribute to the growth of their business, and advance detailed understandings into operations, enhance employee productivity, and the user experience.
This initiative would also help UAE organisations save money, as the cloud solutions are pay-as-you-go without additional capital investment which is required for the hardware solutions, infra, applications, or licenses.
The collaboration between the two leading companies would help the organisations using their applications to be able to influence the advanced network infrastructure of du, combined with the real-time analytics capabilities of the SAP S4/HANA business suite, which runs on the real-time SAP HANA platform.
Steve Tzikakis, Senior Vice President and General Manager, SAP South Europe, MENA region said, “With the market demand for private cloud applications growing in the region, SAP is further driving our co-innovation partnership with du to support the UAE’s digital agenda. By leveraging global best practices and solutions, SAP is committed to using the power of the cloud to allow employees and customers to more easily engage with organizations.”

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