Dream Design Properties opens offices in Emirates


Dream Design Properties, Australia’s first property investment, wealth-creation and mentoring organization is pleased to have finally open their office doors in the UAE, offering real opportunities for investors from the Middle East and GCC to invest in the booming property market in Australia.
Founder, Zaki Ameer, a self-made millionaire, real estate expert and wealth development coach is the brains behind Dream Design Properties. Realizing his life was heading nowhere and that clearing his debt was chewing up any glimmer of hope for his dream life, Zaki educated himself, and then turned his life around by accumulating 10 properties in just two years, totaling $3 million. Wanting to make additional changes that were larger than his own existence, Zaki then created Dream Design Property, his wealth creation mentoring program that guides other people in beginning their own personal development and investing journey. Based between Dubai and Sydney, Zaki opened the doors of Dream Design Properties first office in the Middle East to offer easier access to clients interested in property investment in Australia.
A survey conducted by property investment house IP Global and YouGov earlier this year, polled a thousand UAE residents who were interested in investing in property. The research revealed real estate making up 53% of investment portfolios with gold falling second with only 43%. Although property was more popular in the investment portfolio of 29% of UAE residents, the study also showed that investors preferred foreign markets with 41% of investments in properties made overseas in comparison to just 12% in the UAE. Overseas markets are seen as more robust and much less volatile than the property market in Dubai.
So with the interest in overseas property investment on the rise in the UAE, Dream Design Property takes the stress out of the process for their clients. Offering solutions to save time and money, the dedicated team of in-house specialists can literally take care of the entire process starting from finding the right property right down to property management.
Dream Design Properties offers their clients a step-by-step strategy starting with the analysis of the client’s current position and strategically formulates a growth pathway that will allow them to build financial freedom and security.

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