Disruptive is new tech trend

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Technology is developing fast in the Emirates, offering one or the other novel marvel to mankind with each passing day. This certainly calls for maintaining an equal pace with rapidly-emerging technology and for an immediate need to look beyond the existing thresholds. It is also of utmost
importance to find out more innovative discoveries from the conventional looking threads.
Popularly known as disruptive technology, it could lead to the creation of all-new markets and value networks while displacing old sectors and methodologies when appropriately managed. Few of its examples include data analytics, mobility, cloud computing, and Internet of Things (IoT).
Various paradigms of disruptive technology took the center-stage during a recently-held discussion, in Dubai, which was held by Sage Middle East, one of the leading providers of business management solutions in the region.
“One of our goals was to outline to the business community here in the UAE, the trends and their accompanying challenges to be mindful of, and highlight the Sage products and services to mitigate and manage these challenging but fascinating changes,” said Jeremy Waterman, Managing Director Sage ERP Africa & Middle East. “This helped to invoke discussions and knowledge sharing amongst thought leaders, government personnel, entrepreneurs, managers, and C-level executives across the UAE,” he pointed out.
This discussion was part of the latest edition of Sage’s GCC series of discussions on trends in technology for business. Reggie Fernandes, Vice President, Sage X3 Middle East, Regional Director – Sage Middle East, added, “For instance, IoT is an important node in Industry 4.0. However, not many are aware of Industry 4.0 which is usually defined as the fourth wave of the industrial revolution. We explored not only what is meant by terms such as IoT, Industry 4.0, and data analytics but discussed how these can be applied to various business organizations and specific business functions.”
According to Clayton M. Christensen, Harvard Business School professor, disruptive technology is a new emerging technology that unexpectedly displaces an established one. Interestingly, the concepts behind disruptive technologies have been around for a long time but somehow they remained undetected.
As per a report published by the McKinsey Global Institute, there are 12 technologies that can cause immense disruption in the upcoming months as they could transform the economy as well as our lives. The report explained how the outlined technologies can influence the economy, and also what risks that they will bring along. The list of 12 of the most disruptive technologies of the McKinsey included mobile internet, advanced robotics, cloud and renewable electricity.

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