Digital Dubai facilitates charity contribution to ‘Mothers’ Endowment’ and ‘Joo’ platform through DubaiNow


Digital Dubai launched on Wednesday an integrated set of digital services designed for facilitating charity and humanitarian work via the “DubaiNow” application, the city’s one-stop-shop mobile application that allows anyone to access over 250 government and private sector services.
It enables users to donate to the Mothers’ Endowment campaign, launched by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, as part of the Mohammed Bin Rashid Global Initiatives. This Initiative allows individuals to donate in honour of their mothers through the application, thus promoting the culture of charitable work and reinforcing social and family values. Moreover, the application facilitates donations to “Jood”, the integrated community contributions platform in Dubai.
This platform aims at introducing charity initiatives, encouraging contributors to actively participate and establish solid foundations for integrated sustainable development in alignment with the goals of Dubai Social Agenda 33. With a user-friendly interface, the platform provides direct donations with various options including meals for fasting individuals during the holy month of Ramadan, paying Zakat Al Fitr, Zakat Al Maal among others.
Matar Al Hemeiri, Chief Executive of Digital Dubai Government Establishment, said, “Dubai and the United Arab Emirates have always set an example in contributing towards charitable endeavours, an effort which is rooted in our culture and guided by the directives and vision of our wise leadership. The significant advancements in digital transformation that Dubai is witnessing impose increasing needs and require managing expectations to align with the evolving digital lifestyles. With 99 percent of the population using the internet to conduct their transactions and carry out their daily activities there is an increasing demand for creative digital solutions to meet these needs efficiently. Hence, it is very important to provide digital channels to make charitable donations seamless. The Zakat al-Fitr service through the DubaiNow application is an example of a successful model due to its user-friendly interface and widespread adoption among various segments of society.”
“At present, DubaiNow provides more than 250 services, exemplifying our unwavering commitment to realising sustainability in Dubai through providing digital solutions. We are proud to provide support for humanitarian initiatives that have global impact and social values including facilitating donation through the “Jood” platform and to the Mothers’ Endowment campaign. These initiatives reflect our leadership’s dedication to honouring mothers and expressing gratitude towards them. The development of these services is the result of shared efforts and collaboration with numerous government entities in Dubai,” he added.
“We look forward to continuing these partnerships to deliver more digital experiences, further enhancing Dubai position as a global digital hub, and as an inspiring model in CSR and social solidarity,” he added.
The list of charitable organisations participating through the DubaiNow application include Dar Al Ber Society, Dubai Cares, Al Jalila Foundation, Noor Dubai Foundation, Dubai Charity Association, Awqaf and Minors Affairs Foundation, Dubai Foundation for Women and Children, and Tarahum Charitable Foundation, which supports many charitable and humanitarian activities, including the 1 Billion Meals Endowment, Iftar Dubai, Suqia Initiative, Donation For Prisoner, “Jood” the integrated community contributions platform, Dirham of Hope, Beit Al Khair Society, and Bread for All.

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