DFWAC to rehabilitate victims of violence for jobs markets


The Dubai Foundation for Women and Children (DFWAC) launched its “Cases Empowerment Program” to rehabilitate the victims of violence of women to enter the Jobs market or starting their own small business that guarantees them a steady income to meet subsistence needs and ensures financial independence, which is one of the most important challenges facing this group.
Afra Al Basti, Director General of the Dubai Foundation for Women and Children, said that the program also includes establishing a workshop for the victims of violence of women at DFWAC, to produce some of the products that can be sold in the market and benefit from the income for the good of the cases during their stay in the Foundation.
“The initiative is based on the provision of many training courses for this category, including courses in English, Arabic, cooking, sewing, handicrafts, arts and management of small projects, ICDL, Beauty, which includes hair styling and an expert makeup courses in collaboration with several licensed institutions that can give certificates to the victims in the end of the course to enhance their chances to get a job or start their own project”, she added.
Al Basti explained that this initiative will contribute significantly to breaking the cycle of violence against women and reduce it, where some of the victims of violence often have to return again to the same cycle of violence as a result of their financial needs, and their dependence entirely on the person who is the source of abuse in this aspect, which is often the husband.
She added that through the rehabilitation of these victims within this initiative they will have greater opportunities to get jobs or start their own small project which enables them to achieve the desired financial independence, away from the source of abuse.

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