Coming soon: Weddings shot in VR

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US company Cinemersia is launching a new consumer service VR Being There that will bring a new angle to preserving that special day.
“With the eruption of VR into the consumer market,” said David
Marlett, principal of Cinemersia, “it makes sense for every wedding to now be captured in full spherical 360 degrees. Brides and grooms will forever be able to return to the middle of their ceremonies, effectively ‘being there’ again and again, looking around, seeing their attendants and guests.” Cinemersia is a live-action VR cinema production company and the aim of the new service is to work with wedding planners plus traditional photographers and film crews to record the event from every angle in an unobtrusive manner. “Wedding photography and videography are terrific for what they are, but nothing short of VR can place you back there, in the moment, preserving that forever,” said Marlett. Even without a proper VR headset, VR footage can still be viewed on traditional PC monitors and now, via YouTube as a 360-degree video.

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