Bodour Al Qasimi honours winners of Future Pioneers Awards


Sheikha Bodour bint Sultan Al Qasimi, President of the American University of Sharjah, honoured 16 individual and corporation winners of the Future Pioneers Awards (FPA) at BEEAH Group headquarters.
The awards ceremony was held in recognition of the participants’ outstanding achievements and innovative contributions to sustainability across FPA’s three main categories: individuals, groups, and corporations. The latest edition of the ‘Future Pioneers Awards’, which was launched by BEEAH Education, a subsidiary of BEEAH Group, the region’s sustainability pioneer and digital expert, is an international award aimed at recognising and rewarding innovative ideas and projects from individuals, groups and corporations that have the potential to shape the future of sustainability.
The international awards are dedicated to recognising and rewarding innovative ideas and projects with the potential to shape the future of sustainability and are open to all individuals, including school students, university students, and professionals from various industries.
Providing a platform to showcase innovative sustainability efforts and ideas that will have positive impacts on communities, the ‘Future Pioneer Awards’ received several submissions across its three categories.
Held under the patronage of Sheikha Bodour, the Future Pioneers Award sets a new benchmark for sustainable excellence. Representatives from Dulevo Fayat Group, strategic partners for this year’s edition of the awards, were also present during the ceremony.
Congratulating participants and winners for their remarkable achievements, Sheikha Bodour commented, “We care about our future generations, which is why innovation is now a central part of our growth strategy, and we celebrate visionaries and change-makers underlining Sharjah’s leading position in sustainability and innovation”. “In Sharjah, sustainability is not just a buzzword or a passing trend. It is a commitment and a fundamental principle that guides our actions and shapes our decisions”, she further added.
Speaking on the occasion, Khaled Al Huraimel, Group CEO of BEEAH, said, “Technology and innovation are key to transforming societies and industries to progress on local, regional and global sustainability agendas. By recognising sustainable action, inventiveness among the youth, institutions and organisations through the Future Pioneers Award, we seek to encourage further innovations that have the potential to shape a better tomorrow.”
Congratulating the 2023 winners, Hind Al Huwaidi, Chief Education Officer at BEEAH Group, said, “These awards are a tribute to individuals and organisations worldwide for pushing the limits of what is conceivable in shaping a sustainable future. We have designed this platform to spotlight high-potential initiatives and innovations and encourage their wide-scale adoption globally. With awards for individuals, groups and organisations, the FPA recognises innovative ideas across a range of audiences and scales.”
Umberto Maria Cini, Chief Commercial Officer of Dulevo International SpA, said, “At Dulevo, our commitment to the environment and community has been ingrained since our inception in 1976. Our cleaning machines, designed with water-savvy technology, not only contribute to cleaner air but also embody sustainability at our core.
We are honoured to support the Future Pioneers Award By BEEAH celebrating innovative projects dedicated to enhancing our communities. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the participants for their diverse and solutions-driven projects – we commend your dedication to positive change.”

Individual category winners
Raheena TK’s SCLEAN mobile application enables users to scan QR codes on recyclables to receive creative ideas on how to repurpose or transform them. From plastic bottles to e-waste, the app empowers individuals to reimagine their waste and reduce their carbon footprint.
Freddy Manuel’s EVan mobile application enables EV owners to locate and book charging stations, enhancing access to EV charging infrastructure and ensuring availability of the charger according to their schedule.
Abdelrahman Khalil’s Greywater Treatment System prototype demonstrates a greywater treatment system that uses local, clay-based filters and solar power to recycle water and conserve natural resources.
Ali Humaid Al Ali’s Sustainable Electric Charger Station prototype demonstrates a solar-powered charging station for highways, utilising Arduino and ESP control systems. The voltage sensors ensure intelligent and efficient distribution of power for the charging stations, enabling electric vehicles driving along highways to charge their vehicles reliably.
Iman Ibrahim’s ECO-MESH prototype is a paramedic panel inspired by Islamic art. It utilises 3D printing and repurposed materials made from recycled plastic and wood fibres, providing a sustainable solution for emergency medical services.
Zeina Al Hashmi’s won under the social media category, recognised for her position as a thought leader and commitment to trigger conversations and solutions for a sustainable future. She is the founder of Earthly Behavior, an environmental consultancy firm.

Group category winners
The Salama Dawa’aya mobile application was co-developed by pharmaceutical faculty and university students. The goal of the application is to reduce pharmaceutical pollution in landfills and oceans by enabling users to locate SALAMA disposal boxes. The group members included Abd Erraouf Hait Amar; Abdulrahman AlZyoud; Omniya Mamoun; Rusel Al-Sajry; Shahd Baz; Nada Fadloul; Nada Ehab Zyada; Amir Amjed Joudeh; and Dr. Feras Jirjees (Advisor).
An innovation on “Natural Replacement for Glass Fibre” was also awarded for demonstrating the use of date palm tree fiber to replace glass fibre in manufacturing. The group members included Hussain Ahmed Murad; Waleed Othman Mohammed; and Muna Ali Allogani (Supervisor).
An autonomous indoor air quality robot prototype powered by Lidar technology for high-precision spatial mapping and air quality reporting also won in the Group category, with members Prof. Mohammed Ghazal; Dr. Mohammed Alkhedher; Eng. Omar Al-Ali; Eng. Marah Alhalabi; Eng. Maha Yaghi; and Eng. Abdalla Gad.
Another winning prototype under the Group category is the PV Panel Cleaner that works automatically or remotely, utilising sensors for dust and a pump for distilled water. The winning team members included Mariam Al Ghafri; Aisha Al Mghni; Mouza Al Ymahi; and Marwa Al Ymahi (Teacher and Supervisor).

Social Media category winners
In the Group category for social media, H2FUELS, won an award. The social media platform is designed to promote zero-emission transportation by renting and selling hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicles. The group members included Eng. Nada Ghanem; Eng. Hessa Almehrzi; and Eng.Bshaer Nasser.
Another winning social media campaign was the “Agents of Action”, which focusses on promoting sustainable waste management methods worldwide. The group members included Shifana Nafees; Ayshath Thanseeha; Shehanas Mohamed Rafeek; and Rishada.K.
The 9 Pioneers won for its campaign to address global waste mismanagement, focusing on raising awareness and engaging with the worldwide community. The group members included Sashini Manikandan; Adrish Acharyya; Yazhini Muthu; Devadev Manoj Kumar; Raghav Krishna Seshadri Sumanth; Sanvika Sandeep; Shreyas Krishna Prasad Sunnanguli; Meer Shamdasani; and Kamaakhya Sharma.

Documentary winner
The Documentary “Dumpster To Destination” also won an award for highlighting the adverse environmental impact of carelessly dumping waste.

Corporate winners
BEEAH Education announced Sharjah Airport and Sungrow as winners in the Corporate Award category for their distinguished efforts, sustainability initiatives, and projects.

Distinguished Jury Committee
The jury overseeing the award submissions comprised Mourad Benayed, Director of Strategy at AB Advisory and Amel Ismail Juma, Digital Transformation Specialist at TDRA. They rigorously evaluated each submission to ensure the project’s feasibility and potential in delivering its mission and goals.

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